August Release Review

August Release Review

Howdy Oddies! Kristy back with you for the August Recap. I dumped a gob of images on you mid-month and wanted to let them breathe before I do it again in September, I have some sketched and ready. 😁

If you haven’t joined us for a Release Review before, at the end of the month I like to go over everything that was released that month so no one misses a thing. It also lets me dump a TON of inspiration on your face with the creations the Odd Girls came up with. Trust me, it’s awesome.

Let’s get started!

I’m going to start out with what I think is my favorite this month between its fun and the variety of ways the Odd Girls used it. Meet Scientist Tia!

Next, I have a new cozy Kaylee digi stamp for you. I can’t wrap my mind around knitting (I tried at least) like some of you talented peeps so I drew it for you instead with this Knitting Kaylee…

This newbie digi, Mix It Up Tia, is kind of a throwback to an OG stamp, Baker Tia but I wanted to action and mess to come thru more. My daughter has been into making cakes lately and this new one is more on point lol.

As we’re heading into the new school year I thought we needed a new Tobie. Maybe he told you he’s doing his homework but that face says he’s gaming. Laptop Tobie might be getting in trouble.

For the last new image I took on a request for a baby in a flower costume, dang did that sound cute! How could you not want to squeeze the cheekers on Flower Baby?

Lastly here is the freebie zodiac image for August, Leo. You can consider it a reminder that its the last day to grab it as a freebie. All the past freebies are still in the shop as a regular for sale stamp though.

PHEW! We’ve reached the end with a bunch of new inspirational treats for you. Which one is your favorite? Are you looking forward to Virgo tomorrow? Am I asking too many questions? What about now? 😆

If you’ve had some time to get crafty this month, I WANT TO SEE IT. Share it by tagging #someoddgirl on Instagram or proudly display it in our Community. You deserve to know how fabulous that card is, girl!

See you soon!