Clothes from patterned paper

Clothes from patterned paper

Hi Oddies! It’s Susanne here again, this time with a tip how to use patterned paper as fabric for your digis clothes.

I first begin to print a image in the size I want on my coloring paper. I often use PowerPoint for this because I think it’s easy but use whatever software you are comfortable with.

Then, without changing anything I print the image a second time. This time on regular cheap printing paper.

Now it’s time for the patterned paper. I attach a piece of patterned paper over my second print with some tape. Then I put the paper back in my printer so I can print the image for the third time.

After some cutting the clothes are done and they fit perfectly! Left to do is some coloring and shading with Polychromos pencils then the image is ready to put on a card. Isn’t he just adorable, the little Pajama Goat!

I hope you got some use out of this tutorial!