December Zodiac Freebie: Sagittarius

December Zodiac Freebie: Sagittarius

Welcome to December, Oddies! If you’re here promptly on the first then you know what’s up… we’re on our LAST Zodiac Freebie. 😮 I started this journey with you guys in January and here we are. I hope you’ve enjoyed every step of the way.

Now, let’s see that Sagittarius!


Make sure you grab it before the end of the month if you’d like to get in on it as a freebie but if you do miss it, all the Zodiac images are staying in the shop.

Lastly, 2 questions for you…

What was your favorite Zodiac out of all 12?
What theme would you like to see for 2020 if we do it again?

I hope you have a great holiday season!



  1. Hello Kristy,

    1. Thank you again for this 12 wonderful zodiak images!!!
    *hmm* what I like most?? the libra is beautiful (so *ohmmmm*), the taurus makes me laugh (it looks so bavarian [sorry I’m from Germany 😉 and it looks like a little bit like a Octoberfest Waitress] but great).
    At least I love them all.

    *hmmm* for the next year, maybe something from a fairy tale or something spacy.

    1. To all have a wonderful not stressful Adventtime,

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