Its been 10 YEARS

Its been 10 YEARS

Hi Oddies! Kristy here today bringing you what you can look forward to here in 2020. I’m bringing some new things to the table as well as keeping the old going.

Let’s talk about first what you can look forward to…

Instead of periodic releases, this year we will be having monthly releases during the first full week of each month. During the releases, you’ll see my normal “odd” style (like Sippy Tia below on the right) but you will also see some different looks.

Next to Tia is a peek for you on one of the images that will be available as part of our February Release (on Feb 3rd!), Puff Fairy! She has a more realistic style that I hope you guys enjoy.

During the monthly releases, we’ll also be debuting that month’s Freebie. We’re going with Chinese Zodiac this year and starting off with the star for 2020, the year of the Rat. He’s a cute rat though, don’t worry there.

Freebies in 2020 will be different from last year though besides the theme. I love all of you who come and create with us, support us and are a community. I want to reward YOU, the Oddies. Each month the freebie will be free with any other $3 digi purchase during the month with a coupon code I’ll provide you during release week so be there!

New stuff! Are you ready?

Some Odd Girl is going to expand its horizons a bit and I hope you’ll come with me on the ride. I am going to be creating images that are geared more towards mixed media and colorists as well as ones perfect for all you planner geeks out there. Here are the first two releases in that direction, Swirl and Planner Emojis

I want you to get your feet wet with these so pick your favorite and hop over to the shop and use coupon code “10YEARSODD” grab one for free now thru Jan 26*.

Don’t leave quite yet though, the last item on my list doesn’t have a picture (yet!) but it’s maybe the most exciting.

This year I’ll be putting out COLORING BOOKS! Yes, actual bust out your crayons (or more fancy mediums) and try to stay in the lines on actual paper coloring books. There will be different “themes” coming and I hope you’ll be as excited as I am. These will only be available in a physical form unless you are a member of my Patreon.

Patreon patrons will get to help decide on the images and themes, get sneak peeks, early images as well as a digital copy of the book. I know not everyone wants to get too much info on the lead up so while I’ll still be sharing general updates with the whole community, patrons will be right there with me and get the perks for being my shoulder to lean on and guinea pigs on this endeavor. So if you are interested in being such an insider hop over to my Patreon and get more details.

Well, I think that covers everything. Are you excited? I am!

My goal is to make our 10th year a new beginning for Some Odd Girl and I hope you will all come with me. If you have ideas for these new directions or think that you could be a good fit to join the team for specifically one of these new categories, REACH OUT. I want to hear from you.

Thanks for joining me, I’ll see you in the community and on Social Media!

*you can only use one coupon code per order, fyi 😉


  1. Congratulations and thank you for the freebie 🙂

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