Ooooo girl, do I have a big announcement for you!

Starting tomorrow, Oct 1st, 2020, Some Odd Girl will be releasing new digis via our friends at Whimsy Stamps.

With over 450 images currently available in the shop we’ll be spending now thru the end of the year bringing the best of these over to the Whimsy shop to live on while those not making the transition will be retired. What an ouch it would be to try and force them all on Denise and her team, amiright?

You’ll be able to see what’s new and what’s moving as they trickle in in the Some Odd Girl portion of the Whimsy Shop.

I’m excited for this change which will free me up to do more creative work, spend more time talking to you guys, and spend time with my family. I’ll still be creating new Coloring Books (like the Mermaid book available on Amazon and the in progress Fairy book you can keep track of on Patreon) and working on other artistic endeavors like oil painting you can see on my art instagram.

Please make sure to continue following me on the Some Odd Girl Facebook Page and Instagram. Also, if you aren’t already, make sure to follow Whimsy on their many Social Media outlets (Facebook Page and Group, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Blog, Pinterest, Inspiration Magazine, and Newsletter).

Now for some nitty gritty…

  • If you’ve been sitting on a coupon code or have won a code from one of our sponsorships you must use them prior to December 31st, 2020. They will not be usable after.
  • If there are any images you have been eyeing, then make sure to get them before the end of the year if they are being retired.
  • BACKUP YOUR DIGIS! This is really something you want to do anyway but if your computer goes boom after the Some Odd Girl shuts down after December 31st, there will be no way for me to replace anything. Burn it to a disc, put them on a thumb drive, get yourself an external hard drive, use a service like Carbonite or Dropbox… there are a TON of options. You’ve got other files that need backing up I bet, do your self the favor.

If I’ve missed something or you have a question please email me or leave it in the comments and update this post.

I’m certainly giddy to see how the Whimsy Team enjoys the images and if you guys like the spooky images you’ll see tomorrow. See you there!


ps. I want to thank my current design team for all their hard work and effort and continuing help as we work on this transition. I love you guys!!!