Hello, Oddies! 

I finally finished my Project from My Mojo Monday post!in the Some Odd Girl Facebook Community  The challenge was to use a piece of art/ card/ scrapbook project to help you design a card. Sometimes my biggest inspiration to get the Mojo flowing is when I see an illustration or artwork in a medium that I do not traditionally use. In this case, a piece of artwork made digitally from a website called Society 6.  I came across an art print last year. (see the red panda print below) What really drew my eye was the geometric background, and I knew I really wanted to recreate it on a card one day.

Kristy had posted photos of Dancing Piper and I knew I wanted to use the idea I had for the background as it sort of reminded me of a disco ball (don’t know why but I felt it worked) So after I practiced colouring up Piper, thanks to the help of my Kit and Clowder Classes, I then cut her out with my silhouette and using a die to make the fun background out of cardstock. I then added a touch of bling with tear drop gems that I got from Michaels a few months ago.  

I am really happy with the way her hair and jeans turned out, and now I feel a little more confident colouring up curly hair.  

I hope I inspired you to see out other websites/ mediums to help you inspire your next project.

Lots of Hugs,



Art Print Copyright Societ 6 (artist unknown I tried to find the original but no such luck!)

Hi all it’s Anna Sigga her and today I am channeling my inner Gangsta Bunny!

And since I am ohh so proper and all I just had to dress that bunny in pants! You are just a tad more bad ass when you are dressed right? 😉 Nahh – who am I kidding I am not proper in anyway but when you drop the wrong color ink you just change the image to make it right!

When life hands you lemons – all you have to do is get dressed and make lemonade! And of course in true ODD style all gangsters wear pastel colors and have sparklyness all around them. Or is that just me?!

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