ANNNNNND this is it, folks! Leah here, and it’s the FINAL day of our Sneaks and Intros week! We hope you are as excited as we are to get the challenges rolling, and to be coming up on the new digi release next week!

Have you said hello to all of our Odd Girls, new and returning? Have you been enjoying the sneaks of our Back to School release? Have you been leaving comments along the way, so you might win the featured digis from each day? Have you taken advantage of our SALE going on at to celebrate our front page Google search status? Are you ready to meet the rest of the Odd Girls, and check out the last sneaks from Tuesday’s release? LET’S DO IT!

First, a big welcome to this girl, who’s a long-time fan of the SOGgies, and who has been inspiring us for months! Hellloooooo, Tasha!

Tasha Beasley

Hi there Tasha here – I still cannot believe i am on this fantastic team, i am still doing the happy dance.

I am a 28 yr old SAHM to Millie who is 4, Mills starts school in september 2011 and so there will be even more time for me to get crafty. We live in the UK on the south coast and i love living by the sea.
Although i have been crafting for a while now id say only seriously (whatever that means lol) for the past 3 years. My main love is stamping and colouring, i find it so relaxing and therapeutic and this is what you can find me doing most evenings, holed up in my craft room colouring away, I love bringing images to life with a little colour and dimension! I have one confession – i am a Paperholic, its true, paper is my weakness, i have to have every paper release from certain companies… i have so much paper that all the pads and collections cannot be stored in my craft room, my addiction is taking over our home lol!

Besides crafting i love Crime/Thriller/Horror movies and books, the more gruesome the better. I am a huge CSI and Criminal Minds fan, i love the way psychology and science lead them to the suspect and this lead me to study Criminology and Applied Psychology at Uni – i promise i do have a brain somewhere lol!
I am very shy, although once i get to know you i am a completely different person, i am a direct person i’ll say exactly what i feel – i lack tact and sometimes that can get me in hot water :S. Generally i am a smiler – one of my Nicknames is The Joker (yep from Batman) because apparently i have his smile…..I love joking around and having a giggle usually at my expense.

I so cannot wait to get started and get creating with Kristy’s awesome images, at SOG there really is an image for EVERYONE 😛 xx
Tasha made a super cute shabby chic card
using the hunky new Guitar Kody
And our girl Caz got in on the action to create
a bold and graphic Guitar Kody card, too!
(We Odd Girls certainly do love this little dude!)
So you’ve met the entire Design Team for the next six month term… Now let’s say hello to the brains and talent behind this whole party! We Odd Girls are very fortunate to “work” (if you could call it that) for and with this lady, and we are SO inspired by her art. She never seems to run out of ideas, and each new batch of images is more amazing than the last. We’re so glad she’s sharing her talent with the world, and we LURRRRRRVE being her cheering section and marketing team! 😉 Say HELLLOOOOOOO to The Odd Girl herself!
Kristy Dalman

Hi all!!! I’m Kristy and I am the owner/designer here at Some Odd Girl. This journey has been a long and weird one with a lot of false starts but not lacking in encouragement and help! The concept of my doing my own digis and stamps evolved from a single awesome gift from wonderful friends of one of my pencil drawings transformed into an actual red rubber stamp! I was ECSTATIC when I got it! But soon after that, a chat with my 2 girlies started the ball rolling into what you see now.

This website could not even begin to be here without my wonderful hubby of almost 8 years who is very good at turning my ideas into reality. Even when I can’t articulate them very well 🙂 He encourages all my creative endeavors with enthusiasm and that’s absolutely priceless! I have two kids that are always inspiring me who were the basis for the Tinies. 

Besides being a biz lady I enjoying drawing, sewing, reading crafting and painting. If you’re lookin to get to know me a lil better you can check out my blog.
Kristy brought us a fun little musical number
with the very enthusiastic Rocker Kody

Corry rocked it out with her own style and Rocker Kody, too!

And that wraps up our super awesome and jam-packed week, folks! We hope you’ve had fun getting to know the team and putting your wish list together, and we encourage you to swing by the personal blogs of our Odd Girls to truly check out their amazing talent! We still can’t believe how much interest you all expressed in joining our little team (which ain’t so little anymore, is it?!), and we hope you’ll continue to follow along and join in the challenges! Watch for opportunities to win stuff and to join our team as a Guest Odd Girl, and let your bank accounts thank you for cashing in on big savings during our sales (like NOW, for example!).

Leave your comment below and let us know what you think of today’s sneaks (Kody doesn’t mind constructive criticism OR compliments!), and you could win our little musical dudes! Come back next week to see if you’re one of our winners, and next week, ALL of the images you’ve seen this week will be available for you to purchase at!

Have a wonderful and crafty weekend, dear friends, and if you’ve got the Odd, EMBRACE IT and FLAUNT IT! 🙂

So hi, and stuff! Leah here, and it’s time for another introduction, and a couple of fun peeks (one is my absolute fave of this next release!)… Oh, and as you can see, I’m BACK! Co-coordinating things for the Some Odd Girl challenge blog with Sarah, and we can’t wait to get that ball rollin’! So let’s just go ahead and do that, shall we? 🙂

Leah l’Orange
HI! i’m Leah the Orange, and i am TOTALLY thrilled to have been on the Some Odd Girl bandwagon since its inception. i think you’re going to LOVE what we have in store for you, and our brand new Odd Girls are gonna knock your knee-socks off! 😀 i’m a Canadian import, living in South Jersey, with a crazy artist hubbin, an opinionated ADULT son (!!!), and the sweetest, lovingest kitty cat in the world. i’m not an artist, but i’m artsy. i’m not a musician, but i perform music. i’ll never grow up. i’d prefer to get CRAFTY over just about everything else, and i love COLOUR – lots of it (but espesh ORANGE)! i only know one language fluently, but i speak my own language. i am a foodie, an indie film snob, a cruise director, and a little (a lot) random at times. only fitting that i’m an Odd Girl, right?
Leah, using Punk Kaylee!
(you may have caught a glimpse of this Kaylee already,
but on Tuesday, she can be YOURS!)
Sarah couldn’t resist this fab digi (who can blame her?!), and she made a
super spunky card using Punk Kaylee, too!

And welcome to the next fresh face at Some Odd Girl… you may have seen this particular Odd Girl playing around with, oh, probably EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR CHALLENGES in the last seven months or so. 🙂 Helllllllooooo, Lou!

Lou McConnachie
Hey, I’m Lou Mac. I’m a 20, soon to be 21, year old recently graduated student in Environmental Management. Time for me to step into the big wild world and get a job – a job that still gives me plenty of time to craft. Hopefully. I’ve been making cards since the Christmas of ’09 when I decided I wanted to make my own Christmas cards. Let me tell ya, I’ve come a LONG way since then – or so I’d like to think. I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England with my Mam and cat, Shadow. I enjoy reading (horror, thriller, crime, sci-fi), walking, going to the cinema with the boyfriend and baking yummy cakes, but my biggest passion is crafting. I have always loved paper and stationary for as long as I can remember, so the transition into card making seemed natural. I’m a total night owl, so most of my makes happen in the early hours of the morning when there is nothing but peace and quiet about the land. I generally make C6 size cards, but have ventured into the world of 3D projects lately, such as boxes and drawers. I also enjoy making tags for quick little projects. I have an obsession with patterned paper, I totally hoard the stuff, which is bad.. considering my craft area is in the corner of my TINY little bedroom.
I can’t wait to start inspiring you all through my term here using these AH-mazing images. I’m sooo not artistic, infact I hated art at school, so I’m extremely grateful for artists like Kristy who come up with these amazing drawings for us to colour til our hearts content! I always get asked ‘what is your card making style’ and I never have an answer, I guess I just go with my own thing and if I think it looks good, then it looks good. Patterned paper (of course), doodling and flowers feature regularly on my cards. It’s an honour to be chosen as an ODD girl an I cannot wait to get to know the rest of the team!!
Here’s Lou‘s gorgeous happy card using School Mae
Sooooooo, it’s that time again!

Leave a comment below for your chance to win one of these new digis, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of ’em! If you haven’t been following along all week, be sure to go back through all the posts for the rest of the sneaks and meet the other Odd Girls, too! Tomorrow, we’ll have one final day of sneaks and intros, and then this entire digi release will be available at on August 8th! Are you excited? 🙂

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Hellooooooo, Odd Friends! Welcome to HUMP DAY at the SOGgy blog – we are happy to introduce a few more of our brand new Odd Girls and show off some of their fantastic creations using images from next week’s digi release at!

Can you handle all this excitement? We’re having loads of fun getting to know our new designers, and we’re sure you’re gonna love what they have to share!

So this is DAY THREE of our Intros and Sneaks week, which means that HOPEFULLY you’ll have already left comments on the last two posts, so you’ll be eligible to win the sneaks from those days. Are you enjoying the sneaks? Do you recognize any of our new Odd Girls? Well we have another familiar face today…. Please join us in welcoming back Caz for another term with the team!

Caroline Sears
Hi, I am Caroline although in the crafting world most people call me Caz. I am 41, and live in the UK with my husband of 22 years David and our 9 year old daughter Georgia. I started cardmaking back in 2004, I became hooked while buying gifts for my lovely Mother in Law who also makes cards. After about a year of card making I added Scrapbooking and other Home Decor items to my hobby list. I am a proper night owl and most of my best creations are made late at night and into the small hours of the morning. Once I am engrossed in what I am doing it is normal for me to roll into bed at 2am…..and then have to be up again at 7am. Since January 2008 I have been hooked on stamping and colouring with my Copics, and have managed to introduce quite a few on my friends back to it. My daughter is also a huge fan of colouring, and we regularly sit together and make cards, I even got my 10 year old niece hooked too. My cards tend to be quite dimensional and regularly feature flowers, pins, bling, glitter, lace and ribbon. I have been told I have a good eye for colour….even though I cannot draw for toffee…thank goodness for talented artists like Kristy who provide me with wonderful images to colour.
Caz made this bold and graphic card using our newest critter, Prof Hoot!
Caz also had a hard time resisting the spunky and sweet Cheer Kaylee!

Next, we’d like to introduce you to some more of the newest faces at Some Odd Girl! Ready?
Elena Fontanelli
Hi, my name is Elena, I’m a young Italian girl, I live in the beautiful warm Tuscany that I love with all my heart and I’m going to open you now my little creative world. I’m a graphic designer for studies, I hope a day I’ll be a nurse for my job and a photographer for passion. I love craft, buttons, paper, animal, nordic countries, books and reading, fantasy, mythical and fairies stories and ice-cream. Fruit ice-cream is better. I’m not sure that you’ll like what I make but you must know that everything is made with heart and a lot of fantasy.
Elena also got to play with the wise old Prof Hoot, and made a card that might make you think of Hogwarts, and a couple of projects that might have you anxious for school to come around again!

Christina wanted to get in on the action – because who can resist Prof Hoot?!

Next and new to the team is….

Vera Yates
blog: Ling’s Design Studio

Hi all! My name is Vera Wirianta Yates or you can also call me by my nickname Lingling. I am originally from Indonesia, but been calling Texas home for the past 16 years. I just turned 36, married to a super supportive hubby who understand my stamping addiction, and mommy to 2 fur legged kids. I enjoy all kind of craft, but I love scrapbooking and card making the most. I started scrapbooking back in 1996 and got into card making soon after. I love pretty papers, cute stamps, and colors. Colors makes me happy. Oh… and good cheesecake makes me happy. I’ve been known to apply the sentiment “eat dessert first” in real life. I am a avid Harry Potter fans, who of course love everything Harry Potter related, and love movies (is it odd that I keep a list of movies I watch each year?), reading, and travelling. I am a quiet girl, but once you know me I can be quite a chatter box and you might have a hard time shutting me off. 🙂 I am an easy going gal, who’s sometime can be super cheesy and goofy. I am also a smiley kind of person. Love to smile and love to make other people smile. I am so excited to be part of Some Odd Girl and looking forward to this new and fun adventure.
Vera used Prof Inch on this happy and bright back-to-school greeting!

And she couldn’t wait to create with the sweet School Book Tia!

Kristy also used Prof Inch for a bright and bold schooly card!

And there you have it, friends! The next batch of Odd Girls! We’re not finished yet, but we think we’ve given you plenty of eye candy and lots of reading (ha – HOMEWORK!), so we hope you’ve enjoyed our mid-week news! Welcome to the newest Oddies, and you can look forward to scooping up these new images in the store on August 8th… In the meantime, be sure to leave a comment below for your chance to win our sneaks from today, and CLICKETY CLICK to see the huge SALE that’s going on right now at!

See you tomorrow!