Hi there, Oddies!  Leah here, totally thrilled to kick off the week with a huge, happy shout-out to our Guest Odd Girls, Elle and Ellen, who have TRULY brought their A-game and embraced their Oddness as a very appreciated part of our Design Team!

I’m sharing a few of my favorite projects from these lovely ladies, beginning with Ellen…  Here’s the first card of Ellen’s I ever spotlighted (I loved all the little things she did to create interest – the punched card, the cut file, the washi tape and the different layers of blue:

ellen spot

And a few selections to show off her techniquey style and mad skillz:

ellen emboss

ellen cat

ellen dove

Ellen shares TONS of techniques and tools on her blog (like with the Dove Blending pen, above – SO cool!)- she likes to experiment with different coloring mediums, she combines stamp sets like nobody’s business, and her style is forever changing, evolving, and blowing my mind.  I’m so glad she’s our Guest Odd Girl for the next few months!  CLICK HERE to visit Ellen’s blog and prepare to spend LOTS of time reading and being inpired. 


And then we have Elle (I swear it just happened this way, we didn’t plan it because of the names!)…  She’s been playing with Some Odd Girl stamps forEVER too, and my files don’t go far back enough to get the first card I spotlighted, but I’ve always been drawn to her super bold coloring style and the chatter on her blog.  Here’s an early spotlight:

elle spotlight

And some more examples of Elle’s work: elle scarecrow

elle yeti

elle ghosty

Gorgeous, right?  Bold and bright.  Commanding attention.  That’s kind of how I think of Elle’s work.  She puts great effort into backgrounds and really pays mind to the detail in her coloring.  The last one is my fave of hers EVER.  She is also chatty and shares lots of organization tips on her blog, so GO VISIT HER!  You’ll want to bust out your markers or pencils and color along.

So I am SUPER thrilled these ladies are joining us as Guest Odd Girls.  They rock the deadlines, they put their best foot forward with each project, and I’m sure you’d all agree.  Thank you, Ellen and Elle, for sharing this adventure with us!  We are honored and very lucky to have you both!


Welcome back, Odd friends around the world!  It’s Day Two of our design team introductions.  Leah l’Orange here, getting ready to start this party with a fun little thing going on in our Facebook community, but first, our Odd Girls!

These ladies are not only talented with their craft, but they also seriously take the bull by the horns when it comes to the behind-the-scenes stuff like planning our events and postings on our social media channels and making sure it all goes down smoothly. 

Say hello to the rest of the core team!

Tabbatha Sandoval!
Social Media right hand (the OTHER right hand!).
Her blog – The Zadis Project

tabbatha pic

I am one of those honest gals that walk around totally geeking on random things like manga, Dr Who and kittens. My crafting style is a mirror of myself – bold, simple and definitely scruffy around the edges. While I am an introvert, I am not afraid to freely give truthful answers to questions that others may have. I love when crafters share their gifts, and oddly enough I don’t compare myself too much with others. I love creating my cards and sharing so that the love I feel inside can be seen by others. I am complicated and forthright and most of all – I am me.  

Alexis Kemp!
Promotions Coordinator who rules with an iron fist.
Her blog – Digital Lace


Hello! My name is Alexis Kemp and I’m crazy excited to be back on the Some Odd Girl design team! I’m from Tampa Florida and live a cozy life with my awesome husband  and my oddball cat. When I’m not in the studio, I work in Marketing, I attend regular Bar Method classes and I loiter at Theme Parks or on my sofa for a good movie. I can’t wait to share all of my Odd projects with you and get to know everyone better! This year is going to be made of awesome!

Melissa Oeters!
Facebook Community Wrangler Extraordinaire.
Her blog – Needful Things

melissa o new pic

Hi all, I’m MelissaO.  I’m a quirky gal who spends a LOT of time coloring and crafting!  My coloring is mostly done with Copic Markers, maybe a little color pencil once in a while.  I like whimsical, fun images, and tend to lean toward bright colors.  I was a scrapbooker for 15 years before I discovered stamping so I’ve been into paper arts for a long time.  

I live in a tiny rural town in Illinois, I’m married to a great man, and we have 4 wonderful children.  Besides being a coloring addict, I also do a lot of reading, horse riding, and I volunteer for a few animal rescues.   I’m super excited to be an Odd Girl and I hope I can inspire you to get your “Odd” on.

And The Odd Girl herself, Kristy Dalman!
Odd like nobody’s business.
Her blog – The Odd Girl (of course!)


I’m Kristy, a 33 year old girl living in Fennville, Michigan. I have two seriously silly kiddos and a very understanding hubs who’ve I’ve been married to for 9 years now. Even though I’m a small town country girl now, I grew up in Kalamazoo, MI (yes, its a real place and yes, I’ve been asked that before lol). I moved out to the lakeshore to be with my hubs and haven’t regretted it since!

I’m the Owner/Artist/Designer of Some Odd Girl Stamps.  I’ve been a crafty, artsy girl since forever and finding a career in a creative field has always been my number one dream.  I worked grocery retail for 11 years before following my dream and taking the plunge to make my biz, Some Odd Girl, my full time gig.  I worked my grocery job and worked on Some Odd Girl (that was like a second full time job!) for almost a year.  It became very apparent that to keep up with both (not to mention kids and family) was burning me out and something had to give.  Not to mention I wanted to take Some Odd Girl to the next level and that meant more commitment so I left my grocery job in Nov 2010. Since then thing have gotten bigger and better!

I was lucky to have such a supportive family who has been behind me since the get go. My hubs does all the tech work for the site, effectively turning my vague thoughts and sketches into reality.  My kiddos are constant inspiration just by being them (they were the inspiration behind Tia and Tobie).

I love a life where not only I can make others happy but support my family and keep them happy at the same time!  I’m so thankful that thru all the unnamed bumps in the road this is where we are headed.


And welcome, Oddies!  We’re so happy you’re with us for the ride, and it’s going to be a great year!

Today, we kick off a new thing in the Facebook Community – it’s our new “Picture This” feature – CLICK HERE to see what it’s all about, and there may be a little something in it for a lucky winner!

Hey there, Oddies!

Leah l’Orange here, THRILLED to introduce you to the new Some Odd Girl CORE team!  Kicking off with hellos to these trusty designers who have been Odd Girls for a while and who will be keeping things rolling and building momentum as Some Odd Girl continues to grow and rock!

Trust me when I say it was difficult to narrow things down from a team of AMAZING designers who have shown their love and loyalty to Some Odd Girl over the months and years.  Each member of our team brought something unique and wonderful to the table, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to each of them.  XO  THANK YOU ALL!

So.  The core team.  These designers have been a HUGE part of our growth, helping behind the scenes, contributing to our many brainstorming sessions, and always, ALWAYS keeping Some Odd Girl in the spotlight.  If you check out any of their blogs, you’ll see just how loyal they are, and it’s so nice to work with people this passionate about our products.  Without further ado, here they are!

Anna Sigga!
Her blog – Scrappalicious!
Soft and subtle with load of gorgeous, feminine touches and oozing with texture.  That’s Anna’s style.  While others are concentrating on lots of contrast and layering color, this girl’s rocking it with a light touch and a whispered beauty.


My name is Anna Sigga and I am a 38 year young crafter!  I live in Reykjavik Iceland along with my handsome man and our two little girls.  My first crafty love was card-making & stamps but I do love to create just about anything that involves papers and stamps.  I am a teacher by day and card-maker/scrapbooker by night!  The Some Odd Girl stamps are my fave stamps ever and I am so flippin’ thrilled to be a part of this amazing company!

Thanks for allowing me to hang around in your fab Odd world, Kristy!

Judy Bagwell!
Pinterest Pimp Daddy.
Her blog – …just being Judy
She’s going to WOW you with her mad coloring skills (many of the images you see of the stamps in the shop are hers!), and when she brings out the big guns with an altered project or shaped card?  You won’t know what hit you!


Hello everyone!  My name is Judy Bagwell.  I live in Alabama and I am a crafty stay at home mom.  The hubs and I have two fun kiddos and two silly dogs.  I love Halloween and I am crazy about all things Disney.  I like to draw, sew, crochet, decorate cakes/cookies, scrapbook and make cards.  When I am not doing mom stuff or crafting, I enjoy browsing around in antique shops and going to the movies.  I got my first Some Odd Girl clear stamps for Christmas in 2011 and soon after that I was hooked on the digital stamps too.  I’m not sure I could pick a favorite image because I truly love them all.  I am super excited to be an Odd Girl and honored to have the opportunity to work with this amazing team.

Katie Perry!
Her blog – Kards by Katie Kreations
Katie is all about putting our SOGgies center stage with her bright and bold creations.  She covers every last detail and often goes for minimal embellishments so as not to take away from the focus. She may actually have been born with Copics in her hand!

katie new

Hi all!  My name is Katie Perry– and, yes, that is my real name, lol!  I’m in my early thirties and currently rockin’ the single life in Idaho.  During the day I’m a quality & education coordinator at a large local hospital but when I come home I get to dive into what I really love – papercrafts.  I mostly make cards but I’m always willing to try something new- as long as it can have coloring on it :)   I bought my first Copics about 3 years ago and have never looked back.  One of my favorite things to color is Some Odd Girl images and I’m ecstatic to be a part of such a creative and talented team!


Me – Leah l’Orange!
Design Team Coordinator and Odd forEVAH
My blog – The Chronicles of Orange
I just do my thing.  I don’t have a specific “style” but I generally like it busy and fill up my canvas with whatever grabs me!  I am definitely a chaotic crafter!

red leah

I’m Leah, a Canadian girl from Ontario, living in southern New Jersey.  I have been with Kristy on this journey since the beginning and will be with her until the end.  I love crafting with a quirky style – fun combinations of characters, colours, patterns and embellishments, and I love thinking outside the box.  I have a grown son who puts ketchup on everything, a sweet kitty-boy named Fletcher B Cat with whom I share a birthday, and I am a grammar snob, an indie film lover and total foodie.  I am SO PROUD to be a part of all this, and proud of Kristy for making Some Odd Girl the amazing company it is today.  And I’m excited about this term because we have lots of fun things up our sleeves!

That’s it for today…  Join me tomorrow when I introduce you to the rest of the core team, who are preparing events and challenges for a wildly fantastic term.  We’re getting things started with a little party in our Facebook community!  (I’ll tell you about it tomorrow!)  In the meantime, CLICK HERE and get the details of our April Photo Challenge and play along with us!