Hi Oddies!

It’s Susanne here again. This time with two christmas cards, both with the cute mini Rudolph digital stamp.

When I sat down to color Rudolph I was unsure wich tone of color to use. And it hit me that it’s we who decide what look the finished stamp and card will have and not the artist that designed the stamp. I’ll belive that our irreplaceable Kristy have a picture in her head when she create our loved odd figures but when the stamp is printed and is on the table in front of us, it’s our picture that takes over. And we decide with coloring method, color choice and what products we pair our stamp with. That’s really brave of Kristy, leaving her children in our care <3

Like this card. I chose some muted colors for Rudolph and paired that with a card with a kind of vintage feeling. Not my everyday style, but hey, I made this card to make an example for you. Proving that you can use use Some Odd Girl stamps on every project, whatever personal style you have.

The next card is really me and I can tell you that this vintage card took me over two hours to do, not counting the coloring of the stamp. I had to take the time to ponder and moving things around. And flowers! I nerver use flowers. How do they work? I only know that when other people use flowers it looks stunning but when I… Well. The next card took about 10 minutes to do, once again not counting the time it took me to color the stamp. (Both stamps are colored with my lovely Polychromos pencils BTW). I picked some design papers, decided on a christmas tree and then it was done. As simple as that.

Two cards, one stamp and two different expressions of style. What is yours?

Have a Lovely November! /Susanne


Hi Oddies! Today I am going to be wrapping up all of our ODDtober Fest activities. 

First, I hope you guys had fun and were able to grab the 4 Monday Social Freebies, they were on our Facebook Page, Instagram, Community, and Pinterest, one each week. 


Next up is the winners from each of our Friday Challenges:

Sweet Tooth Challenge: Lani Misner
Birthday Challenge: Lala Crafts
Funky Shapes Challenge: Monique van Steenbergen
Black and White Challenge: Maelle Clef

Grand Prize Winner: Sarah Sparrow


Now we’re heading to our Trick or Treating with the Odd Girls Blog Hop.

Our 3 winners are:
Jenn Zeeb
Vivian Foo
Francis (weitjes)


Ok Winners! You have 2 options to get your goodies: you can email me, Kristy@someoddgirl.com or you can send myself or Melissa Oeters a message on Facebook. Make sure to let us know which prize you won. For all you hoppers that made sure to comment on all the stops (I have a handy dandy list), you can use those same methods to arrange for your Freebie! If anyone has more than one thing coming, make sure you use the coupon codes on separate orders, it will only apply 1 per order.


Before I let you go, we are getting to the last few of our Clear Stamp Grab Bags, when they’re gone, they’re gone. They’ll be gone either way by the end of the year…


Alright! Congrats to our winners and let us know below what part of ODDtober was your fav! We’d love to hear!

Stay Odd!