Wow, we’ve been so excited to announce to you the new Odd Girls! During the next three days you will be meeting all 13 designers! Here at Some Odd Girl we embrace the ODD and mysterious – so 13 is our LUCKY number! All these girls are uber fabulous and offer a unique style all their own. We hope to inspire you and we encourage you to leave comments and participate in all the Odd Girls have to offer. So without further ado, meet four of our newest design team members!
Annette Allen – Blog: My Clever Creations
SOG Team

“Hi My name is Annette Allen, I am a housewife and I love the Lord. I have been married for 17 years to a wonderful man. I am from Colorado but have had the opportunity to travel the world. I am now a California girl and my favorite shoes are flip flops and flip flops. I have two dogs that are like my children and they totally rule the house. I would like to think of myself as a fun person. I try and enjoy each day and live it to the fullest. My pleasures are crafting, camping and traveling. I started making cards back in 1997 and have not paused for a minute. I am and forever will be a crafter. I like to explore new places and try new things. Thank you for letting me share a little bit about myself. I hope that you will enjoy my creations and look forward to new friendships.”
“Happy Crafting.”
Anette used Dressy Kaylee
Leah Crowe – Blog: Not Home Alone
SOG Team

“Hello friends! My name is Leah Crowe, mid 30’s, married to my sweetheart, Doug for the last 8 years, been together 16 years total. (Yeah, took him awhile to propose.. hehe) I’m also a stay at home mom and have three children ages 15, 6, and 5. They keep me pretty busy when they are home, so I find myself able to get crafty during the day or after they’ve been put to bed for the night. My husband not only supports my love of crafting, he’s usually the first one to go out and buy me the things I love off my wish list. I’m very fortunate to have such a sweet man in my life. When I’m not crafting or playing Zuma Blitz on Facebook, I enjoy lounging in bed watching TV Shows with the hubs or playing games with the kids. I started scrapbooking in March 2006, but started taking it more seriously the last couple of years. I LOVE to create layouts about the everyday moments.. it’s the little things I know I’ll forget in like 5 minutes… 😉 I love all colors, espesh lime green and I also adore smilie faces! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am overjoyed to be joining my fellow ODDies here at Some Odd Girl!”

Leah used Sweet Kody
Iwona Palamountain – Blog: Random Acts of Creativity
SOG Team
“Hello SOGgies! My name is Iwona, I’m also known by my nickname Chupa in the blogging world. I’ve been an avid card maker for about three years, and I savour every minute of it. When I’m not cutting into paper, you can find me playing with my 2yo daughter, reading and spending time with the family. Being a SAHM, to have a hobby that brings joy, satisfaction and expands horizons, is a precious gift. I love colouring and I can’t resist the cuteness in each of the SOG images. I’m still learning my Copics but I’m looking forward have my skills polished (and my collection of markers expanded, LOL)

I’m very happy to have the opportunity to join the Team, and I hope that I’ll bring you some inspiration along the way :)”

Iwona used Valentine Tia



Faye Wynn-Jones – Blog: Stampin Fluffnstuff

SOG Team
“Hellio!  I’m Faye; AKA Fluff, Monica, (think Friends.) Wife, Mum, Obsessive Cumpulsive, Self-confessed Stashoholic and E-mail/ Blog Stalker. I inhabit a strange, quirky and fluffy place called FayeWorld, but I can be momentarily lured back to Earth with cakes and/ or choklit. Married to Very Understanding Hubby, who loves me, even though I regularly sneak Illegal and Naughty Stash through Baggage Control. (But I neeeeeeeeeed it!) I’d like to say our son, Sweet Cheeks keeps me out of mischief, but I have an uncanny knack for finding and getting into trouble. However, he does keep me busy! When I’m not being Mummy, I will often be found in The Flufferie, my craft room, along with a substantial stash of jelly beans. Oh, happy days!”
Faye used Bee Tia

Hi ya everyone and welcome to another fabulous challenge here at Some Odd Girl.  We loved all the sparkle from the last challenge!  Wow, we had so many glorious creations and we loved each one!  Check out the winner’s post yesterday to see our gorgeous favs and the challenge winner.

Today we are kicking off a few changes here at the Some Odd Girl blog that we want you to be aware of. First off our challenge is going monthly. We wanted to do this to be able to have better challenges with bigger prizes! Kind of our way to thank you. Our challenges will kick off on each month beginning on the 1st. This one is a little different because of the new Odd Girls introductions but the 1st will be our norm. Winners will be announced on the last day of the month.

Going along with that we are making it a requirement to use a Some Odd Girl image (Clear Stamp, Digi or Sentiment) on your challenge entry. With the bigger prizes we want to reward our creative and talented Oddie customers for being… well, AWESOME! Lastly, our challenges are going to be streamlined and we’ll be switching between a Color Inspiration Challenge, like this month, and a Sketch Challenge. That way you have that many more options to create you entry. 

To kick off our new challenge format we wanted to offer a fun and bright color challenge this time!



Wow, aren’t those GORGEOUS colors!  The challenge is simple, use these colors as inspiration for your creations!  If you don’t have those exactly, come as close as you can, we’re not that picky 😉 The design team had so much fun with these colors and it’s obvious in their ODDulous creations!!!

Corry used Baker Mae

Do you love it? Gotta have something bright for those of us going thru the dreary winter 🙂 This challenge will run thru February 28th at midnight EST with the winner announced on February 29th (leap year!). Now, along with the challenge now requiring a Some Odd Girl image we mentioned bigger and better prizes correct? So what are you playing for? Here’s our prize!

That’s right! You are playing for 2 Clear Stamps! Foxy and Pinwheel Panda! Its a critter fest this go! :DD 

We also want give a  HUGE thank you to this design team as this is their last time creating as An Odd Girl.  We’ve seen so many fabulous creations in this last term!!!  Thanks ODD Girls you are all truly FABULOUS and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!





Howdy Oddies! OMGawd! What a turn out for the Bling Challenge! Seriously! You ladies really put the team to work commenting thru 126 entries! As you can imagine picking the favs is even tougher with that much more… but what an awesome thing to be tough eh? I could have written this post 10+ times over with a different result. 

First our winner of 2 digis of their choice goes to…

#88 Sandra!

Congrats Sandra! Email me to collect your goodies! 🙂 Isn’t her little scene just adorable? I’m especially in love with Kaylee’s tights that I kinda want for my own now! 

Our two favs were totally hard to decide on given the variety of choices! WOW! The first fav stuck out to me because we don’t see alot of manly cards and the cute manishness drew me in…

Totally cute and with that little fish Dawn put on? It totally sold me on the whole card! Well done Dawn! Our second fav totally put alot of work into her project and I’m really going to encourage you to go and check out the rest of her project as its a whole box set

Trust me, my could of pics here aren’t doing the whole the justice it deserves! So much texture and depth and detail went in to Kattiz’s creation! GO SEE IT! Don’t just take my word! 🙂

Congrats to our favs! Please grab the fav’s badge to the right and wear it with Odd pride!!!


Tomorrow we have a colorful challenge that is sure to inspire you! Its going to be the last challenge for the current Odd Girls so as you can imagine, they went all out! I’m going to miss them SO MUCH as they have been a pleasure to work with AND like a whole second family and that is precious! :love: So stop by tomorrow, there are other changes coming to the Some Odd Girl Blog as well 🙂