Welcome to a new week Oddies! I hope you had a productive crafty weekend filled with fun! A couple heads up, our first SOG Only Challenge ends tomorrow night so don’t waste time and get your entry in! Also our Retirement Sale that’s going on now will only go thru the end of the week so if you want some of those images, at 50% off mind you, get them before they are gone FOREVER πŸ™‚

Today I’ve got for you a fun project feature from our February Guest Odd Girl Stacey Brady. She has made an awesome Food Journal using Baker Kaylee and an A5 sized folder. Here’s how Stacey describes it:

I decorated a little A5 folder to use as a food journal. I’m always watching what I eat (and often failing!) and so thought it might be nice to have a special place to scribble my food related notes.

What an awesome idea! Who “likes” going on a diet and watching what you eat? If you have to Stacey’s right, MAKE IT FUN! You’re going to be much more likely to reach for a folder that is as cute as this, with all the cupcakes on the spine and front and the fun happy colors than you would be if it were drab (like that salad with no dressing we’ve all had, am I right?) Now I know you’re thinkin to yourself, what other things can I perk up with a  lil make over? Sky’s the limit! Reach for it! Just make the things you surround yourself as happy as you want to be, like Stacey πŸ™‚

Here we are, a whole week come and gone already πŸ™‚ Hoping around the internet I remembered a blog that I had spotted a couple weeks ago that had the most lovely tags EVAH and just had to share them with you! They are by Karen and boy is she talented! She does such an awesome job mixing and matching tons of bright fun colors and designs and having them all come seamlessly together.

used Tiny Tia Bow
used Super Tobie
used Bu’Fly Tia
These are 3 of my favs from her post but there are MORE, you’ve gotta check her out! Don’t these just inspire you to make some of your own? 
Want us to “Spot” you? send us a link to your blog post that features one of our stamps to Projects@someoddgirl.com and you might be seen right here!
Have a great weekend Oddies and don’t forget to get in on our first Some Odd Girl Only challenge!

We love our Odd Girls and I know you do too! So a new feature that we are kicking off today is to have the Girls answer some fun questions so you can get to know them a bit better πŸ™‚ We will have a new one every couple few weeks.

Today’s first victim…… er… I mean feature is Kellie Winnell!

(You can see my questions in blue and Kellie’s responses in black)

Kellie, we want to see your first PHOTOGRAPHED card! We’ve all got that first! Share!

What’s changed the most since you began crafting?
The thing that has changed the most since crafting is my style and love of craft! When I first started I was a scrapbook ONLY person. Cards to me where a waste of time and I would be so disappointed if I went to a scrapbooking day and find out they decided to do a card making class! Then in about October 2008 I joined Stampin’ Up! YEAH I know odd hey! I made my first cards in December 2008 and my obsession started. So the first thing that changed was the way in which I saw cardmaking and have not scrapbooked for YEARS! Since then my style I like to think has grown and changed. And I am forever looking for new and fun things to make and do.

What drew you to Some Odd Girl?
What drew me to Some Odd Girl was the gorgeous images, I came across them while blog hopping one night and fell in love, they are so adorable and I went through the blog and got blown away by all the DT amazing creations and cards! I have been buying them ever since! And time has never been on my side to then actually put them all to use! But you will be seeing a lot more of my Odd Girl creations from now on!

Any cardmaking idols?
I don’t have just one card making idol, everyone I follow I get inspiration from each and everyday! I always take a little something from every card I see. There are so many talented people out there and I am finding new people to follow along with every time I blog surf. I would like to add that Stephanne and Emma have been my inspiration for my love of everything shabby chic or the vintage style I do attempt. Their work and the way they can make everything vintage is what I love.

crafty goals for 2011?
Crafting goals for 2011, ok you asked *goes and grabs the list the size of a toilet roll, hehe* just kidding! My one main one is to stay on top of things! I will get for example DT images and instead of making something with them sooner I am rushing last minute! So far I am doing really well with this and am actually quite proud *touchwood.* Another is to try and visit blogs more, I have a habit of falling behind and then not at all! Another is to just be plain ol organised in every crafting way possible!

Personal craft do’s and don’ts? what you rawk and what is not so hawt for you.
When I am cutting an image out, I personally can not leave the white in between the legs. I have done this a few times with making the card first and then colouring and forget and stick it down. While I have done this by accident and make note on my blog when I do and people commented they do it all the time, I don’t notice, I just notice how amazing their cards look, but then on my own I always notice and kick myself about it!

what current paper trends do you HATE/LOVE?
I am loving something I have started recently with Graphic 45 paper mostly or Tim Holtz and that is cutting things out and popping some, here, there and everywhere and it gives the effect of all piled on together and I love it! You will see this in my cards and then think OH I know what she meant now, I just thought she was ODD, lol!
Our thanks to Kellie for being such a good sport. It’s tough being first! Not to mention the Odd Girls don’t know each other’s answers beforehand. So they’re learning things about one another, too, and NO copying! lol If you have any other questions for Kellie, you can ask here or on her blog πŸ™‚ 

AND if you want to show us your first photographed card ever link it up in the comments! Everyone who does will be entered into a random drawing for a free digi of their choice! Be brave and share!

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