Hey Odd-lovers!!

It’s Ellen here with a tutorial. I’d like to show you how to make a trifold card. These cards are so fun to surprise a person with a secret message inside the card.

It looks complicated, but it really isn’t so hard.  Are you curious enough to see what Teacup Alice is doing behind Mad Hatter Kody and the tree (from the Build a Snowman clear stamp set)?  Or just want to make a trifold card?  You’ll see how it’s all done in this video…

We’d love to hear from you!  Let us know what you’d like to see in a next video and maybe we can try to make your idea happen!  We’re always looking for new things to play with, and we love your feedback!

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Hey Odd lovers, Melissa here today to discuss “bonus stamps”!

When you purchase a stamp set, you normally purchase it because the big featured stamp is what you want, not the bonus stamps.  Oh…just so you know I like to call the accent stamps “bonus stamps”.  Anyway, if you check out your stamp sets you may discover that you can create quick little cards with just your bonus stamps.  This normally means no heavy duty coloring and the end product is quick, cute, and personal.

Bonus stamps from the clear set Umbrella Gwen

skies are blue

Bonus stamps from the clear stamp set Hipster Mae

thanks a latte

Totally simple, LOTS OF FUN, and tons and tons of possibilities!

I hope my little examples inspire you to get out your stamp sets and give this a try.  These make perfect cards to tuck in briefcases, lunch boxes, or bagged gifts.  It’s nice letting someone know you are thinking of them.

Hey, they might be great little stamps to use for treat bags for Halloween, too!  Remember we’ve got lots of exciting things going on in the Some Odd Girl Facebook Community, so hop on over and show us whatcha got!  There are challenges!  Prizes!  Silliness!  INSPIRATION!



Hello there, it’s Ellen here :).

Do you know I really love these fun posts, and of course also the new Christmas stamp sets?! That’s why I really had to start making Christmas cards. There are probably many more ways, but I will show you six ways to imitate snow for cards.

On this first card, I used white glitter paper to make snow hills. I loved the vintage paper for this card and even embossed some snowflakes and painted white dots on it. Doesn’t make that the card super cute? (Used stamp sets: Fall Friends & HoliDeer)

For the next card I used white texture paste. First I made the blue background. After that I mixed a lot of glitter in a little scoop on the paste, then I smeared the paste over the stencil. When the paste was still a bit wet/smooshy, I dipped with my fingers in it to make it look more like snow. (Used stamp sets: Fall Friends & sentiment from Angel Gwen).

On the 3rd card I used a normal white hill, but of course I wanted to let it snow on the card. First I made a distress inked background with 2 different blue colors. After that I sprinkled water on top of the ink, because as the ink reacts on it the color fades where the water drops land. After it was dry I went over it with white paint. Doesn’t it look like real snow? (Used stamp set: Snow Bunny). 

When I make Christmas cards, there is always a shaker card among them. Again, you can easily create “snow” for your shaker! For example you can put some special snowflake sequins in the shaker. (Used stamp sets: Build a Snowman, Hipster Pets & Angel Gwen and paper: Sunshine Sorbet.) 

On this card I first used an embossing plate. After the dots were pressed in to the paper, I went over it with distress ink, this time very slowly and not with too much ink. To make the dots whiter, I use a white gel pen and a white glitter pen. I sprinkled some white ink on the complete paper. Even the sequins can be used as snow. (Used stamp sets: Chris Mouse & Partridge).

The last card is a bit different. On this card the snow is some confetti dots transparency (you could also make it yourself with some paint and plain transparency). Although it’s something I normally don’t use, I really love the end results of this one. (Used stamp set:  Santa and twine: Blue Bamboo). 

And voila!  SNOW!  Show us your snowy cards on the  SOG Facebook Community, Instagram, Pinterest and in our Linky Party in the sidebar!

HAPPY WEEKEND, Odd friends around the world!  See you Monday when our big Halloween party begins!  (Ahem, and The Odd Girl‘s birthday!)