Its that time again! 

That’s right, we are having a design team call for a 6-month term (July thru December) now thru June 21st.

I’m going to try and make this as easy as possible for anyone wanting to apply, its pretty much how I like things to roll. Before I get to the how let me tell you a bit about what you’re applying for…

This call is for a 6-month term, July thru December. During that period you’ll be joining the design team in all releases, challenges, events, blog posting, hops, etc. You’ll be receiving every new stamp released during that period (for free, obviously) as well as any other images you may need as things arise as well as any perks we can offer as they become available.

We work on a very laid back nature with blog posts planned months in advance. This is meant to be a fun place to be included and craft with everyone contributing. Please make sure to look at if you can commit to the full 6 months before applying.

DT members are responsible for: 1 project per week, though we never turn away more, duh 😉 ; 1 blog post per month; sharing and commenting in our Facebook community; spreading the Odd-word whenever possible.

Now for the easy way to apply!

All I want you to do is to fill out the form below, tadah! Required items will be marked but please, just make this as much about you as possible. I love unique people and style and look for a variety in styles, mediums, skill levels, etc, so don’t think you don’t fit in, because you certainly do.

We can’t wait to hear from you!


Hi all you Oddies, happy 2019! I’m starting off the new year right with new DT members, a new monthly bit of fun and continuing the Odd adventure.

Let’s start of at the beginning of that list and allow me to introduce you to the 5 new members of the Odd Girls…

Angela Yearous
Cindy of Cinsational Designs
Larissa Pittman
Amandine aka Made by Fairy Sky
Carol Rosini

I’m excited to see what creativity they bring to our corner of the crafty world.

I’d also like you to give a big welcome back to our 5 returning DT members…

Alexis Kemp
Cristina Valenzuela
Christa Mulder
Susanne Nyman
Martine Bruinings

What a team! These next 6 months are going to be interesting.

Speaking of new things for the new year, I have another new goodie that I think you’ll like. On the 1st of the month, every month, in 2019 I’ll be releasing a new freebie! They’ll be free for the month then go into the regular shop.

The freebies aren’t going to just be random though, they are going to be based on the zodiac! They’ll be coming out in order so for January we have Capricorn…

What do you think? These will be my own interpretations for each sign so we’ll see what comes out. Want to see what you can create with this months freebie, here’s some inspiration…

click to see the awesomeness larger


You’ll want to watch in the New Section of the shop for this and every new image that comes out. You can also check out our freebie section which has some new additions besides this lovely lady.


January has some more fun on the way as we get closer to our 9th Birthday on the 18th and a new Club we’ll be introducing soon.

Keep up with us here, in our Community as well as our Facebook Page and Instagram. I’m sure we’ll talk soon, because I can’t keep my mouth shut 😉