Hello Oddies,

I decided to shake things up for myself this month by trying some new things! 

First I decided to push aside my beloved pattern paper and use some of the many, many, many inks I have to make a watercolour splotched background, 

I also used some stencils to add silver embossing splotches as well!

Then I thought it would be fun to add a wobble to  kickboxer Dakota to make her look more like she is in the midst of the action.

then lastly, my little challenge was to add freckles to her! I love freckles but in the past was always afraid that they would come off looking more like chicken pox’s, but I was finally able to find a colour that works! 


Is there anything new you want to try but have been too scared too? I think challenging ourselves is the best way to learn, even if it is a success or not!  


Lots of hugs,