Hello! Did you know that Some Odd Girl is releasing images almost every week now? One of the new images is Coffee Lover Mae.  Today I’d like to share a Christmas card I made with her.

With a few small adjustments this image will look immediately like a Christmas card. Not only did I use Christmas colors, but I also gave the mug a snowflake. Next to that I used a matching Christmas wish. It’s super nice to stretch your stamps with easy tricks like these.  

Which tricks do you use to stretch your stamps? Let us know in a message below!

Hello Oddies!  Its me, Janine…with a  sad face, because my term as a guest designer is almost done.

Today I am sharing with you my Forest Goddess,  which I colored using my distress markers.


I love to use all kinds of materials. I started by painting Kraft paper with some pigments from Colourarte, and you can see I added some paper from the Some Odd Girl paper pack Sunshine Sorbets.

Last week we  showed  you all kinds of new stamps in ODD land! Don’t forget to keep checkin’ the store because Kristy is working hard and new digis are popping up at least weekly. Check HERE.

Hey – remember we want to see your ODD projects so share them in our Facebook Community,  Pinterest, or Instagram!  Let’s show everyone just how fun being ODD is! #someoddgirl

Its Friday, Oddies. Happy weekend and congrats on making thru the week, sometimes we need that congrats, am I right?

Well today we have our last Digi Stamp that is a part of this review. Its the digi that is from one of our sweet new Avatars that I personally colored for your internet usage.

Meet the Hi Mae Digi Stamp!





Anna Sigga







A great year ’round image for you to make your own. I have to draw your attention to how Janine made it an obviously winter digi by adding elements from our accessory set, Hats and Gloves. She is super clever! 

Now that we’ve made it through the week I need to ask, which one is your fav? Did you bring any of these newbies home prior to our review? And, importantly I might add, are you watching the New section of the shop? You know I want to hear from you so let me know if the comments below!

Have a great weekend!