Hey Oddies! Today is the last of our Release Week features and this one is about more than just showing you the amazing talents of the Odd Girls (but I definitely am) or making sure you’ve seen all the new digis we released this week, we’re sending a message thru cards right to you.

Our Freebie for July is called Stronger Together, and its true.

Anything is made easier when you’re not doing it alone. A favor for a friend, lending a hand to your mom with chores, seeing a pregnant woman struggling with changing a flat tire volunteering to do it for her (yes, very specific, I was the pregnant lady who was helped out by a stranger, in the winter, he was amazing). Loads are lighter when you aren’t the only one lifting.

During these times we are all living right now, the power or standing together is what we need and what will get us thru so many things. Respect others, stand up for what is right, do what you can to help your community. There’s a lot of easy things we can all do that makes a difference and we should be doing.

Ok, enough from me.

Remember I have a special just for release week! If you buy all 4 between now and Monday (July 13), 20% will automatically be taken off your total when they are all added to your cart. My little thank you for everyone who joins us during release week.

Now that we’ve reached the end of today’s fun, I want to invite you to join us in our Community and on Instagram for more release week fun.

-Stay Odd!