Its Wednesday during our “review” week and we have another digi from our brand new avatars.

Monday we checked out the digi stamp, Hi Gwen, today we can see one of the girls Gwen is waving at with Hi Kaylee!




Anna Sigga






Now that you’ve seen the second of our 3 digis from the avatars, what kind of cards would you create with them? The door is pretty wide open!



Today we are keeping on with our “review” of the new digis that have been hitting the shop. Yesterday we shared the digi stamp Hi Gwen, fun and simply great for many occasions. Next though we have a digi that is a bit more detailed and something you’ll love for fall.

Meet the digi stamp, the Spirit of Autumn…





Anna Sigga






This digi will test your coloring prowess and would make a great card, you could zoom in and crop in on the face for a lovely portrait, or print it larger for a beautiful piece of wall art. You can be as detailed or as simple as you like in your coloring, from the samples the girls have shared above, both look equally good.

Remember, we’ll be back tomorrow with more new digis, but keep an eye on the New section of the shop for the moment digis are released.



Hey Oddies! This week we have something that will look a little familiar but its also a bit different.

Do you get our newsletter? (if not, sign up at the bottom of the page) Are you a member of our Community? If you’ve been following along then you know that instead of scheduled releases I’m bringing you images as soon as I get them all drawn and ready for the shop. My goal is 2 a week but you never know, it might be two or it could be every day. Keeping an eye on the New section of the shop will let you see when there is something available to tickle your creative fancy. 

Usually when we had our scheduled releases, we would spend a week debuting them to you here on the blog, familiar. What we are doing now is bringing you a “review” of what’s come out and some inspiration on what you could do with it if you’re stumped, different. See what I mean?

Going along with our “new” theme I’ve brought a new precolored section to the shop with Avatars of Mae, Kaylee, and Gwen.


Cute, right? Well I’ve also brought digi stamps of there too! That’s what we’ll be looking at today, the digi stamp Hi Gwen…


Anna Sigga (sentiment from Fan stamp set)






(Snowflake paper from the “Sunshine Sorbet” paper pad)


Pretty versatile I think! We’ll be looking at Mae and Kaylee later this week. 

If you’d like to see more of the Avatars or the other new images we’ll be reviewing for you this week, hop over to the New section of the shop right now. There might be more in there than we’ll be going over, hint hint.