Today we are officially kicking off Year 8 with a contest!

Remember me pointing out yesterday that we had 7 characters? 7 Years, 7 characters.

Starting our 8th year it only seems appropriate to add to our family! 

Every image in my shop has one of my original characters, I don’t give every image a random name, its just how I roll. But you know what? I seriously suck at naming things… the exception being my kids, still love those… so when contemplating adding another character it only seems right to ask you guys to help me out…

That’s our contest! Help me give our new girl a name. Pretty easy, right? It is but its got to fit her.

Every one of our Odd Family has a personality, a trait that influences what and how I draw them. I see Kaylee as free spirited, Mae more shy and demure, Gwen a retro girl, Piper an upbeat fashionista… our new girl? I see her as an outgoing, confident, bad assy lady. What kind of name fits that description? 

I have 3 new digis of our as-yet-named girl ready to go, you can see part of one in the pic above, but until she gets a name I can’t add her to the shop! Can you help me?

Whoever suggests the name that I ultimately choose will get all 3 of the new digis, a $10 gift certificate to our shop AND a guest designer spot in our upcoming guest designer call (later in Feb).

I hope that is enough to get your create juices flowing!

Leave your name ideas below, in the comments, you can enter as many times as you like. I don’t want to drag this on too long, a girl deserves a name! So just as the DT Call ends on January 22, so does this contest. 

I really can’t wait to see what you guys have for me and here’s to an exciting year 8!


Its January 18th and today Some Odd Girl celebrates its 7th year!


I do have a sale for you that I’ll talk about below but first I want to thank each and every one of you for sticking with me through thick and thin this far into a 7 year journey. Here’s to year 8 and what it brings!

Now a bit about that sale I mentioned…

I like when things “make sense”, a reason behind things… even if I have to make the reasons up myself… so…

its our 7th birthday and, if you’ve counted, we have 7 members of our Odd Family right now so for the next 7 days you can have 14% off everything in our shop using the coupon code: 7THBIRTHDAY

My gift from me to you… today. 

Today might be a simple post but I want you to join me tomorrow when we officially kick off year 8 with a contest! Join me on Facebook for some reminiscing and possibly some other fun things.