Some Odd Girl has been an interesting ride for the last coming up on 4.5 years. It has afforded me several opportunities for amazing and fun experiences, sometimes I have to shake my head about things in the “I can’t believe this” sort of way. Yesterday was no exception.

Here at Odd Central we’ve been moving my Studio/Office around and reorganizing our stamp stock, which lead to this moment at Michael’s yesterday…


I feel bad for anyone who goes into our local store looking for white photo boxes this week. Mr. Some Odd Girl, my Oddlettes and I got quite a few looks as we trundled up to the front of the store. The kids thought it was funny and the look on the cashiers face was pretty priceless too. 


We drive a pretty small car and Mr Some Odd Girl managed to fit them all in but it was quite a scene to watch.

In the next couple days our stock will get in their new homes and it will look a lot nicer around here. Some Odd Girl is a biz we run out of our home and while it’s a big part of our lives we’re trying not to let it take over the entire house. 

I thought you all would enjoy this little anecdote. 🙂


Before you go, don’t forget to link up your projects this month to our Linky Party right in the sidebar! Leah will be spotlighting and rewarding linkers during the month so we’d love to see what you create! Also, it’s Movie Monday on our YouTube Channel. Mary Pat has a Beach Fun layout that I know you’ll enjoy!


I hope you have a great Monday!


Good morning to everyone out there in Oddland!  I am Kristy’s husband and business partner Jason, otherwise known as Mr. Some Odd Girl.  I usually do some behind the scenes posts and other fun SOG stuff over on my blog, but Kristy and Leah have let me come over here to spread some of the awesomeness around. (kinda feel like I got promoted up to the big leagues or something like that).  So, this will be a kind of a shop update sort of thing where I show off what we are doing or whats new over at, because, since we started this little adventure making sure the  shop is running has been my job.


PICT_20140331_131506_1 OK, first up, last week we had our April clear stamp release of Bunny Girl Gwen and Hip Hop Hooray. These were a big hit, because, well, who doesn’t want to high five a cute little bunny?  If you didn’t grab yours last week, I’ve got a pile of them on my desk that want to go out to happy craft rooms.

We also had our weekly digi release with Bug Catcher Tobie and Ladybug Tia (can you tell we really want spring to be here?). And, we have two more fun ones coming tomorrow. How Kristy can crank out all these images every week will always impress me.


Last fall Kristy and I decided to expand what products we were carrying by bringing in some limited items to try out. Of course, everything fits the Odd Girl mentality, and the Odds & Ends category was born. Last month we added some custom colored bamboo twine in our signature colors. These are seriously brightly colored. The bamboo really shows off the colors.



And last week Kristy found some new sequin packs to add. Triangle sequins, really, triangles. I’ve had one of the triangle songs from Sesame Street stuck in my head all week since she showed them to me.


Telly loves Triangles


We have some big, big plans for this year and some of them will fall in line with the Odds and End catagory, so keep an eye on that section. The other stuff is really awesome and we will be sharing what we can when we get closer. So, spoilers. :). Kristy has some really cool new stuff coming in that I will be able to share in two weeks. If there is anything you’d like us to consider carrying, let us know in the comments.

Thanks for visiting us today and if our shop ever gives you any issues or you need help with something always feel free to email me at and I will do my best to help.

-Mr. Some Odd Girl