Morning, Oddies!  Leah here, ready to greet the weekend with some gorgeous inspiration from a couple of lovely Oddies!  It’s time for a Friday PIN and our spotlight!  Are you ready for it?

Just cutting right to the chase today so we can get this WEEKEND started (has it been a long week for you, too?), and kick things off right!  From our Oddies’ Project Board on Pinterest, here’s our Friday PIN! 

pin krystal

You’ve probably seen this girl’s project gracing the blog many times, as she is often spotlighted…  Clearly the girl loves her Some Odd Girl stamps and seems to have quite a collection!  Well today, we are thrilled to give Krystal our Friday Pin of the Week

Don’t you love how she’s got all of the seasons represented on this gorgeous cascade fold card?!  I see our Sunny Mae clear stamp set and Tropical Mae, Winter Mae and Woodsy Mae digi stamps, and a ton of amazing detail for each scene.  Krystal knocked this one out of the park!  Watch your email, girlie, and wear your badge with pride because you earned this Friday pin!  🙂

Next, we have a beautiful and wonderfully functional Friday Spotlight, as shared in our Linky Party (check the right sidebar!)…  Not only does our Butterfly Friend Fairy digi stamp look perfectly wintry and elfin for a January calendar page, but wouldn’t this make a great GIFT for the holidays?  Some Odd Girl stamps could pretty up ANY old calendar, as Laila B shows us in this gorgeous project!

laila b spotlight

There are a bazillion calendar printables out there for you to customize – why not incorporate your Some Odd Girl clear and digi stamps into the pages to make it GORGEOUS?!  Laila – LOVE this project and thank you so much for sharing and linking up!  Please email me at and I’ll send you the code for a free digi from our shop!

There you go, folks!  Some fun inspiration for the weekend, including our Friday pin and this fabulous spotlight from our sweet and talented crafty Odd friends!  If you’re looking for things to do this weekend, pop into our Facebook community to see the current challenge and chat with us, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss all the dirt!

Next week, we are GIVING THANKS and our Odd Girls have some stunning themed projects for you.  See you then, and remember to STAY ODD!  It’s more fun that way.  😉



Woo hoo, Oddies!  Friday!  We made it!  Leah l’Orange here and let’s all get down on Friday with a couple of hot little projects made by our friends around the world…

Do you know how the Linky Party works?  In the right sidebar at the top, you’ll find a little widget that allows you to link up any of your Some Odd Girl projects created each month (it starts over on the first of the next month), and by adding your creations and linking back to the Some Odd Girl blog, you’re eligible for our Spotlight feature.  Every spotlight wins a free digi stamp from the Some Odd Girl store!

Today’s spotlight is super cute and uses our Chris Mouse clear stamp set, which is one of my FAVORITE holiday sets!  Not only does this set allow you to get down with the outside and inside sentiments, but it’s sized so there are TONS of holiday crafts to make with it!  Check out Chris‘ bright and cheery card (and I love that CHRIS made a card using Chris)…

Chris spotlight mouse1

Chris spotlight mouse2

I’ll be honest here – I think the red and aqua is also one of my favorite color combinations EVER, and it’s just a step away from expected for a holiday combo.  I love it!  Gorgeous card, Chris! 

Please send me an email at because you’ve won a free digi from the Some Odd Girl shop and I have a coupon code for you!

Annnnnnnnd for our Pin of the Week, as shared on our Oddies’ Project Board on Pinterest (you’ve been there, right?), I have this sassy and spunky little number that features our beautiful Cowgirl Mae digi stamp – she’s got a little leopard print action going on and I love the little fence she’s leaning on…  but the BADGE!  What a totally fun embellishment!  Get down with Aimee‘s card:

pin aimee

Awesome, Aimee!  Lots of fun details here and the glitter is a nice touch!  Congrats on being our Pin of the Week, and we hope you’ll wear YOUR badge proudly on your blog! 

Thanks to everyone for linking up your projects around our various social media channels and for showing your Some Odd Girl love!  We’re always thrilled to see new people joining in the fun and we welcome every kind of craft at every level!  If you’re just getting to know our products, we’d love to see you in our Facebook community, where there are questions and challenges and sharing and sneak peeks and lots of fun!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a deal, CLICK HERE to see all our featured SALE ITEMS in the shop! 

Have a fabulous weekend, friends, get down, and STAY ODD!  See you Monday!

Hey there, Odd friends, and HAPPY FRIDAY to you!

Leah l’Orange comin’ atcha with a wonderfully summery spotlight and our fabby pin of the week!  I’m pretty sure you’ll be inspired by these lovelies!

Do you know what you have to be spotlighted on the Some Odd Girl blog?  There are a couple of ways, with bonus ways I like to surprise you with from time to time.

The first is to join our Linky Party each month in the top right sidebar.  Share anything you make using Some Odd Girl stamps (clear or digi!) during the month in our Linky Party, and all you have to do is link back to our blog wherever you’ve posted your creation.  If you are spotlighted, you win a free digi, and our Odd friends get to feast their eyes on your work! 

The second way is to PIN your project to the Oddies’ Project Board on Pinterest!  CLICK HERE to get the details on how to join the board, and if your project is our Pin of the Week, we share it with everyone, you get a badge for your blog, and everyone knows we love your mad skillz.

But there are other ways to win, too!  Join our Facebook challenge (there’s a new one every two weeks in our Facebook community!), participate during our Release Parties in the Facebook community (we had one last Saturday to introduce our Portrait Girls, Wink Mae and Garden Gwen!), and during special events like our recent Trick or Treat blog hop

Today, in addition to giving you the low-down, I’ve got our Pin of the Week, as shared on our Oddies’ Project Board on Pinterest.  Check out this gorgeous shadow box from our sweet friend, Kat Flores, featuring our Dressy Kaylee digi stamp!

pin kat

Love all the girlie touches and the dimension and details in each compartment…  I kinda wanna hang this on my wall, if you’re interested in sending it to anyone, Kat!  🙂  Gorgeous creation!

Next, our very summery spotlight (as we transition into freezing-our-butts-off weather here on the east coast), from someone who spends a lot of time in our Facebook community and definitely shares the SOGgy love…  Ellen H rocked out this card featuring our Sea Song Mae digi stamp, printing Mae nice and BIG to take center stage on her project:

ellen h spotlight

Those scales!  The white highlights!  The very simple positioning of background elements, putting just a hint of a spotlight behind this gorgeous girl.  I. Love. This!  Thanks for linking up, Ellen, and please email at – I have a code that will get you a free digi from the Some Odd Girl shop!

And there you have it!  A clever and crafty Pin, a summery spotlight, tips on how to get your projects shown here on the Some Odd Girl blog, and lots of ways to win!  With that, I bid you a fantabulous weekend, and we’ll be back Monday with more gorgeousness from our super-talented Odd Girls.  See you then!