Okay, I don’t know many people who have cake and just sit and look at it, do you?  It’s for eating!  Even the prettiest of cakes are meant to be EATEN!

Leah here, and HAPPY FRIDAY!  It’s Friday the thirteenth, to boot; is that a lucky day for you?  What are you up to this weekend?  Don’t forget our little giveaway is still open – CLICK HERE and leave a comment telling me WHAT MAKES YOU ODD, and I’ll be announcing a winner on Monday.  A winner of what, you ask?  You’ll just have to trust me when I say it’s a pretty sweet little something-or-other…  Maybe your Friday the thirteenth comment is lucky for you, too!

We threw a baby shower for a girl at work yesterday, and THERE WAS CAKE.  It was delicious.  So delicious that I ate three pieces (had to get some with chocolate and some with vanilla and some with both!).  One might say I DID have my cake and I ate it, too.

Our Pin of the Week is brought to you by our dear friends, Miss B Crocker and Mr. D Hines.  LET THERE BE CAKE!

pin yorlis2

Let me tell you the things I love about Yorlis’ cardCupcake Mae (clear stamp set) has delightfully rosy cheeks (that’s because there’s cake!).  The black paper mimics a signboard in a little cafe with its chalkboard feel – quaint!  Paper with cakes on it?  YES!  Definitely!  Muted colors of Mae‘s dress and the cakes go POP with the contrast of those pretty flowers.  And holy wow, Yorlis rocks the trims and textures something fierce.  Trust me, that’s just what she does.  And we love it when she shares her SOGgy projects with us!

Thank you for sharing this one, Yorlis, and for your pin to our Oddies’ Project Board on Pinterest!  You’ve absolutely earned our Pin of the Week, and I know you’ve inspired our Oddies today with your gorgeous creation.

And with that, I bid you a fantabulatious weekend and can’t wait to see more of your comments…  There are some brilliantly ODD people among us, and we are thrilled to call you our Oddies!