Happy Monday Oddies! This week on Movie Monday I am going to share a few ways that you can add then tweak our new Digi Stamp Accessories. 

Do you remember when we shared them with you last week? If you need a refresher check out this cute example from Ellen…


Ellen used new Pig Digi Stamp then added a hat from Hats and Gloves and the bow tie from Glasses and Bows. He’s a cute lil piggy isn’t he? 

Want to see how you can easily add these accessories to any digi stamp and then how to tweak them in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to match up with your image? I’ve got you covered! 



What do you think, pretty easy, right? 

Remember when you go to tweak your digis where your Transform tools are, everything you need is under the Edit -> Transform menu. You can use Free Transform (Ctrl+T) to cover Scale and Rotate, but for all the other fun bits you’ll need to go under Transform.  




*Tip: Remember if you hold the Shift key down while Scaling an image it will keep it locked into the same proportions as the original*

Now that you know all about tweaking those accessories to fit your digis, go forth and accessorize! 


It’s Monday and normally I, Ellen, feel a little yakkie because we start a new work week. Luckily Some Odd Girl tries to break that feeling with “Movie Monday”.

As you can see on the picture below I like to share a shaker card with a see true part. I thought that was a fun idea for a different kind of shaker.

In the video I explain how I made this card. So if you are interested feel free to check out (used items: Girlfriends Kaylee & Mae Digi Stamp and  Angel Gwen Clear Stamp).

I hope this rocked your Monday a little.

See you later!



Its Monday Oddies and I have a new video for you to kick off your week! 

I’ll totally admit that I had so much trouble coming up with a topic for today. I ended up going thru our coloring tutorial list and spotted a glaring omission, curly hair! I’m a big lover of doing hair tutorials (no idea why) and I really couldn’t believe I missed it. 

For my video today I am using the digi stamp, Tropical Piper. She has some really big hair that is just PERFECT for this tutorial.

In the video I used E71, E74, E77, & E79, which is my fav combo for this too though obviously any combo will work just as well.

So what do you think? Which do you find tougher to color, straight or curly hair? Any favorite hair combos to share? We want to hear from you!