Hi everyone Christa here with a magic post today.

My little niece become 8 years old so i made a magic present for her

A build the scene on a  large pillowbox .
First i stick the tulle behind the designpaper and then on the box .
I have use many lace and sorts of ribbon.

First i printed the SHY BUNNY‘s large and tiny and in mirror image’s, 
I have colored MAGICIAN MAE and the SHY BUNNY ‘s with my Tansai Gambi , thats a watermedium .
When i add Magician Mae on the box , the little Shy Bunny’s i stick around her, so it looks like there are so many bunny’s come from the magician hat.

Two little bunny’s on the double tags.

In the pillowbox i put the double tags in and some money in the little envelop and some candy in the box.

The last picture you can see how big the pillowbox is, Magician Mea is 14 cm large.
But this is a great gift to give , and my niece was so happy .

I hope you like my pillowbox.
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Have a nice day 
Hugs Christa


Hello Oddies! 


One of the many reasons I love Some Odd Girl Stamps is Kristy’s Adorable Critters! 

As an Registered Animal Health Technician (long title to say that I am a Veterinary Nurse), I have tons of co-workers who clearly love animals! 

For my latest co-workers birthday I decided to make a card featuring our clinic cat Bucket, Claire loves Bucket a lot, especially considering he is a very mischievous. He loves going after the flowers at work, so much so I usually have to keep a close eye on him (especially since some plants are poisonous) 

I love that kitty hopper has a bug he is playing with, but in this case I erased the bug, and added a little flower chipboard piece to personalize it a little!

I still haven’t been able to find a colour combo that truly matches Bucket, He is more sandy orange than how I coloured this kitty. But overall pretty happy at the tabby stripes I was able to achieve.

Do you have a mischevious critter of your own? I would love to hear about them!




PS. Here’s two photos of Mr. Bucket. He believes he is a handsome model whenever the camera comes out.