We’ve made it to the end of April, and its been a month of firsts here at Some Odd Girl.

It took me a bit to get all the things together to be able to bring this to you, and there will be more in coming, but we have started to roll out Digi Stamp forms of our Retired Clear stamps! We have some Clear Stamp stock still available but once they’re gone, they have rode into the sunset never to be seen again. 

If you have been watching our New Section in the shop then you already know which ones have hit first but if not then I have the down low for you today! Let’s go down the line and see what you might have missed…


Alexis using Daisy Mae Digi


Christa is using DAISY MAE 


Daisy Mae by Therese


Anna Sigga using Forget Me Not Mae


Patti used Frenchie Gwen


Christa is using FRENCHIE GWEN 


Frenchie Gwen by Therese


Ria using Big Wishes Mae


Big Wishes Mae by Therese


Melissa using Baker Mae and Cupcake Mae



Christa using BAKER MAE


Baker Mae by Therese


Bouquet Tobie by Therese


Bouquet Tobie by Leah Crowe 


Christa is using BOUQUET TOBIE


There may even be more in the New Section than what we’ve featured here, definitely hop over and check it out!

In the meantime you are almost out of time to enter our April blog challenge, Anything Goes with the optional twist: Nothing Square. Easy to enter easy to win.




Hi everyone Christa here with a magic post today.

My little niece become 8 years old so i made a magic present for her

A build the scene on a  large pillowbox .
First i stick the tulle behind the designpaper and then on the box .
I have use many lace and sorts of ribbon.

First i printed the SHY BUNNY‘s large and tiny and in mirror image’s, 
I have colored MAGICIAN MAE and the SHY BUNNY ‘s with my Tansai Gambi , thats a watermedium .
When i add Magician Mae on the box , the little Shy Bunny’s i stick around her, so it looks like there are so many bunny’s come from the magician hat.

Two little bunny’s on the double tags.

In the pillowbox i put the double tags in and some money in the little envelop and some candy in the box.

The last picture you can see how big the pillowbox is, Magician Mea is 14 cm large.
But this is a great gift to give , and my niece was so happy .

I hope you like my pillowbox.
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Have a nice day 
Hugs Christa