Welcome to our April digi release! Meet the Little Loves!

Welcome to our April digi release! Meet the Little Loves!

Good morning, Odd Friends!  We hope you had a wonderful Easter and some of you are enjoying a lovely spring break or long weekend!  In Odd Land, we have been very busy preparing for today, and we are THRILLED to share our first projects featuring our brand new DIGIS!  Today, a new batch of goodies is available at SomeOddGirl.com, and we hope you love ’em! 

Let’s just get started, shall we?  First up, a couple of cuties that will be GREAT for Mother’s Day, or for those special occasions when you want to tell a little one how PROUD you are of them.  Accomplishments, big or small.  Or just a little something to go in their lunchbox to let them know you’re thinking of them.

What other excuses can you find to create using Little Loves (Tia version)?!


Our Odd Girls didn’t need an excuse, but they were definitely up for the challenge!  Check ’em out…

 Leah C





And then we have the OTHER version of this one…  Little Loves (Tobie version) – isn’t he sweet?!


Our Odd Girls didn’t discriminate 😉 – they rocked out the girls’ AND boys’ version!  Lookie!






A big thank you to our Odd Girls for rockin’ out these fantastic projects – I think they showcase our Little Loves images beautifully!  Lots of different styles, loads of gorgeous colors, layers and textures, and hopefully you’re inspired, too!

In true Odd fashion, we’re offering you the chance to win one of these Little Loves, ‘cuz that’s just how we roll!

Leave us a comment by midnight EST (today!) sharing a moment you remember with your own Mom, or a proud moment in your child’s life, and we’ll pick a random commenter to win our Little Loves Tia or Tobie!

And we’ll be back tomorrow with some furry spring cuteness – the Odd Girls are excited to share their springy projects with you!



  1. Oh wow, I love these especially Tobie as I am a mum of two boys. Everything my boys do is a proud moment, accomplishments in school, sport, life in general. And I am a proud mum!! 🙂 Look forward to tomorrow’s release!! HUgsxx

  2. Beautiful new release! Love the one with Tobie, as I have two boys aged 11 and 10. Both drive me crazy and have totally different personalities. This image is TOTALLY my youngest! He just loves LOVE. He is constantly hugging me and telling me just how much he loves me! I cherish every moment of that because I know that soon he’ll be a teenager and all of that will disappear!

  3. Lovely digis Kristy!

  4. These are amazing! The DT did totatly rock it!

  5. These are AWESOME! I just asked my 7 year old daughter the other day if she ever thought she would get too old to hold my hand, she said never! It melted my heart, but I know that will change eventually, so I try to soak it all up now.

  6. Aww so sweet, both versions are equally adorable. Great DT cards as always. hugs, Denise x

  7. This is super cute!! I love these new images 🙂 I would love to win one… my mum lives in a different state as she works for disadvantaged hospitals and I hardly get to see her 🙁 We do special parcels to each other with goodies in and I would love to send her a card with this image!! 😀

  8. hehe I love the emoticons your site uses 😉

  9. oops forgot to say, even now my boys are 15 and 17 they still sneak me the odd cuddle (when no one is looking of course) but I love them just as much now as when they were little – the hugs of course I mean haha!

  10. I love this stamp! It’s impossible to pick a time when I was most proud of my daughter. I am so proud of her every day. One thing that comes to mind is a few months ago a new little boy started at her daycare. He had special needs and some of the older kids were being really mean to him. I picked her up after work and she was telling me about all of the things they were saying. She then proceeded to tell me that she thought he was neat because he didn’t build with the blocks the way all of the other kids used them. He used them to make patterns like a sunshine and an alligator, and all the other kids did was make towers. She also said she couldn’t wait to go to school the next day so he could teach her something else new. She’s three. I am so proud that at such a young age, she recognized that being different is a good thing because you don’t want to have to be “boring and make towers like all of my other friends.”

  11. love the new release! I’m the baby of the family and my mom is now 80. I live with her and take care of her, it’s a tough job, but I cherish every moment though….

  12. OMG these are adorable! Perfect for mother’s day/ You always think of everything! The stamp looks just like me and my daughter lol

  13. I’m in love… These images just melt my heart… They are just so adorably cute! Just this week my ever so sweet 5 year old told me that I was pretty and special to him…it just made me hug him while I shed a few tears of joy….a proud mumma moment for me

  14. OMG I just love these!!!!!! I am a mother of triplet boys and this stamp is tremendous! They make me so proud every day by just being their sweet young selves and because I know of their love for Jesus!

  15. I’ve only been a mother for 10 months, but my little girl have had a tight grip of my heart longer tham that!
    Recently she learned how to wave and play with her fingers on her lips making sounds 🙂
    I’m also very close to my mom and we talk almost everyday!

    So cute images and I love the dt-work!!

  16. Oh my gosh – these are so darn cute!!! I have so many fond memories of my kids being little, but some of my favorites include holiday mornings, being woken up at 4 or 5 a.m. to search for Easter candy or open stockings… *sigh* There is just NOTHING like being a mom. 🙂

  17. Both of these images are the cutest. I am a proud mother of two teenage children that work very hard in school and are both 4.0 students. I am proud of the accomplishments they have made and how hard they work in school!!!

  18. Love these!!!! There are just so many awesome moments with my daughter that it’s so hard to pick one. I love that she is very imaginative and creative and loves to read! One of the best feelings is when she comes to me with a special drawing that she’s done just for me and written “Love, Aly” on.

  19. HOLY SMOKES! You have outdone yourself! these are truly fantastic! Definitely created with a whole lotta love. Hmm…..a moment. One moment hey? Well, my mom has always been my hero surviving the death of two husbands, raising us kids to be the best we can be! That in and of itself is my fondest moment…….when I realized that I want to be her ‘when I grow up’. Thanks for the chance.

  20. Too many fond memories to narrow it down, but, one of the funniest was when my daughter turned 4: the weekend before her birthday she had spent the weekend with her father so they celebrated her birthday a few days early. The next weekend we were having her birthday party at my house. As people started showing up she proceeded to inform them “I had a birthday at my daddy’s house and I was four. Now I’m having another party and I’m ficken to be five!” We have laughed at that for years. She just knew that every birthday adds another year, she just didn’t realize at that time that both parties were for the same birthday.

  21. one of my favorite memories with my mom is when she surprised me at school on my 16th birthday with a home made birthday cake and balloons. I felt so special. thanks for the chance to win.

  22. One of my fun moments with mom was when she taught me how to swim on my back! Yea, I was such a scaredy-cat but it took me a couple of times before I got over my fear of getting water in my ears and face..LOL! For that, I thank her.

  23. I don’t have children but one of the best moments with my sister’s son is when he says:albaaaa push the tractor!!! Hehehe he loves to be in his tractor but he is too small to use it on his own!! Love him and perfect stamps!

  24. I absolutely ADORE both of these images. I think the proudest moment with one of my kids was when my son was recently playing basketball and every shot he made it went into the basket. He’s 4!! Love the little moments!

  25. Whoo whoo,
    They are absolutly stunning! So cute…

  26. These are so adorable! My 4-year old son melted my heart when he came home from pre-school on Valentine’s Day and said “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mommy. I love you!”. I was so touched! He speaks Chinese on a daily basis, by the way.

  27. These are so cool! Awesome cards from the DT girls!


  28. I love it that you have girl and boy versions. I love the variations created which will personalize any card. Great cards.

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