Final day of April digi release, starring KAYLEE!

Final day of April digi release, starring KAYLEE!

Okay folks, Leah the Orange here for day THREE of our April digi release, and we have loved all your feedback so far!  Thanks for all the kind comments, and remember that you can grab all the new cuties at now! 

The last couple of days have been chock full of SWEET, SWEET projects from our Odd Girls, and today is CERTAINLY no exception.  Get those napkins ready so you can take care of the drool, ‘cuz you’re gonna!

Check out our new additions to the KAYLEE category, beginning with the totally chill
Lazy Day Kaylee!


Our Odd Girls rose to the occasion here, and we think you’re gonna likey!  🙂  Looky!

(also featuring sentiment from the Hey Kaylee clear stamp set)





Leah the Orange
(also featuring bird from Gwen in Bloom clear stamp set)


 RIGHT?!  RIGHT?!  Utterly FANTASTIC samples, and so many ways to use this fun new digi!

But wait!  THERE’S MORE!  This one is kind of a reinvention of an older image, with a much more updated feel to go with Kaylee’s current image… 

Meet Tweet Kaylee!

And yet more gorgeousness from our Odd Girls…  You ready for this?

(also using flowers and sentiment from Gwen in Bloom clear stamp set)





(also featuring Spring Pup, from yesterday’s reveal)

Leah C


Yep.  Some fun images for paper piecing or incorporating them into full scenes, as our talented team have illustrated, and perfect opportunities for you to create ridiculously HAPPY, cute greetings for people in your life who ROCK.  What do you think?

I’d like to know…  WHO is the first person who came to your mind when you saw today’s digis or our Odd Girls‘ creations.  Maybe it’s someone for whom you’d create a special card to say hello and let them know how much they mean to you?  Maybe you were taken back to a certain memory and a moment shared with someone wonderful?  Either way, leave us a comment below, and I’ll announce two winners tomorrow, who will each get one of today’s new Kaylee digis! 

Our winner from yesterday?  Congrats to Tory Frail!  Please drop a line to and let her know which image you’d prefer – Hedgey or Spring Pup!  And when your loganberries are ready for harvesting, please send some my way!  😀

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Odd Friends, and we’ll see you again tomorrow with two more winners and a wrap-up!  🙂


  1. both the images made me smile… and they reminded me of a great bloggy friend/facebook friend I’ve yet to meet in the flesh. She has a generally bright, happy outlook, and knows exactly what to say when I’m feeling blue… I’d make her a card with these two 🙂

  2. Tweet Kaylee just took me back to when I was a little girl and had a blue budgie as a pet! He was the sweetest thing! So I utterly love that image!!!

  3. These are such great images! I just love them. When I first saw Lazy Day Kaylee I thought of me… ha. I thought “Hey, she sure looks relaxed and happy. Let’s start feeling like that!” I hope I can take my own advice! 🙂

  4. The person that came to mind when I saw these was my daughter on the first one and myself on the second one. I love twitter!! Haha!! Beautiful cards by the design team!

  5. Loooove these!!
    And drop dead gorgeous cards from the dt!!
    Well Tweet kaylee reminded me that I need to learn some birdspecies!
    Just bird and duck doesn’t cut it, not when my baby girl grows up and start asking questions! I would love to be able to point out a sparrow, magpie or crow! 😀

  6. Love these two images!! Lazy day Kaylee reminds me of when I’m at the park just watching my two boys play together!!! Hugxx

  7. Kaylee always reminds me of my daughter. I just love tweet Kaylee and she would be perfect for her birthday card. Off to shop.

  8. These girls are perfect!! The second image reminds me of the first time I took my oldest daughter to the Butterfly Pavillion. She was only 4, I think, and she held out her finger and a butterfly actually landed on it! So sweet, love the newbies!

  9. Love all the DT creations with these new images!!!! I really love the 1 with Spring Pup the window and Tweet Kaylee by Barbara!!!! love that pup a lot!!!
    hugs, Heidi

  10. These are so adorable!
    The first person that cam into my mind when I saw them was my little sister 🙂

  11. I immediately thought of my sister and days we would hang out at the beach or at the river. Such an adorable stamp!!

  12. Stunning!
    My friend from school popped into my head. Sadly we don’t have any contact any longer

  13. She reminded me of a work colleague Sarah who I’m always jealous of cos she dresses so well and tall to boot! 🙂

  14. Oh my goodness these are great images! I can say that both my sister and my Aunt came to mind when I seen these. My aunt always has a bird and the top image would look great with rainbow hair and a black dress as my sister!

  15. Wow! These are gorgeous! Stunning samples from the DT!!! You ladies rock!


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