Meet Tropical Mae

Meet Tropical Mae

Morning, Odd Friends!  And Leah the Orange here with you on a grey and dreary Tuesday morning in New Jersey….  Thank goodness we have some SUNSHINE for you today!  Welcome to day TWO of our new digi release!  We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s reveal, and you can get all of this week’s pretties at right now! 

Today, I’m introducing you to a gal who clearly isn’t from around here.  😉  Welcome…. TROPICAL MAE!

Isn’t she gorje, with her flowy dress and that huge flower in her hair?  Yeah, the Odd Girls love her, too!  Check out their creations….





Leah the Orange

And that’s it for today, folks!!  Leave us a comment here telling us your number one TRAVEL DESTINATION, and I’ll draw a winner who will get Tropical Mae in their inbox on Thursday!


Happy crafting, Oddies!  See you tomorrow!


  1. My number one travel destination is Paris. I would to visit it someday and I will when my last is all grown up and hubby and I can explore the world

  2. Wow! She is fabulous! Love the DT Takes on this one…. My number one travel destination is Kyoto. I spent a couple of weekends in Kyoto about 8yrs ago, on the rivers and it was stunning, away from the tourist areas and mixing with the locals… also Monkeys!

  3. She is hot stuff! I would really love to go to Greece! (I’ve watched too much Mama Mia!)

  4. OMG I love how everyone colored up this Gorgeous lady!!!! this is deff. my fave this release!!! My top travel destination…. Las Vegas!!! I don’t like to gamble much I just love the hustle and bustle of it all!!!!

    hugs, Heidi

  5. Gorgeous SOG! I’d have to say Cyprus… love the sun and sea! Shelly x

  6. She is soo cute…and she makes me think of sitting at the beach on hawaii 🙂

  7. Oregon coast is my favorite travel destination. She is stunning. The projects are amazing.

  8. Hi! Oh she is soo sweet! I would love to travel to… Australia – to the other side of the world!! hugs Sandra

  9. WOW! She is so beautiful! And she looks so mutch fun to color…

  10. I would love to go to Hawaii… Far away from switzerland!

  11. Love the flowy cover up.

    My hubbie and I are off to Jamaica in a few weeks for our 10th Anniversary!

  12. WOW! OH MY But she is adorable!!! Well my Number 1 Travel Destination is hard to pick, it is a choice between Glamis Sand Dunes or Priest Lake, ID. SO I am just going to have to say Glamis since we go there all the time! 🙂 Love this Mae, gonna buy her after this message!!

  13. love this image, she’s gorgeous and the DT cards are stunners!

    My #1 Travel Destination would be America, to meet the friends I have met online 😀

  14. She’s really cute! Thailand is a place I really want to see!


  15. Travel destination: Minneapolis, MN SOOOOO excited!!!

    I love love love this image!! She is totally adorable~!

  16. I would love to go to New York I have always been a big fan of Broadway and would sadly spend all my money there, I would also love to see all the variety of people in one location very different from where I live

    BTW I am in love with these images they can be used for so many things the cards are beautiful too totally inspiring

  17. Love Tropical Mae!

    Cape Cod is my fav destination….it is where my husband took me once we could leave our children for a week w/ relatives….it was a good place to “fall in love” again and get to know each other….cuz we all change over time.

  18. WOW!!! I absolutely love her! She looks amazing to colour up…those lovely folds in her dress! 😀 My number one travel destination is probably the US…Disneylaaaaand 😀 hehe

  19. I have always dreamt of going to Israel/Palestine, and my team is actually come true in a few weeks! Another travel dream is to go to South Africa… Or back to New York!
    Tropical Mae is just lovely – that beach hair with curls and twists… I love to color in challenging hair! And that flower… She just calls out of those deep bright colors!

  20. Love the new girl.

  21. Oh my, she is a beauty! LOVE that flower in her hair and her flirty pose – purrrdy girl! 🙂 Think I’ma have to buy her so I can practice my folds and stuff. See this awesome excuses I manage to come up with because I NEED these images?

    Hmmm.. that’s a hard question.. but I’d have to say Alaska, because it’s all cold and snowy and stuffs.. and I like that! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what the Odd Girls make with the other cuties from this release! xo

  22. She is so sweet and makes me want to travel to #1 on my list, which is Santorini, Greece!

  23. I have a long list of places I would like to travel to….I just returned from one…Maui. I love Tropical Mae! I hope to one day return to Alaska and England, but the new place I would love to visit is Australia/New Zealand! The DT cards are absolutely gorgeous!

  24. My favorite summer travel destination is the Jersey Shore, specifically Long Beach Island…but I recently moved so I won’t be heading there soon. Grate image!

  25. SO many places I would love to go, but if I must choose one it wound be the coast of Australia. I have been studying the Great Barrier Reef and would love to see it in person. I would need to borrow Mae’s outfit!

  26. Absolutely stunning what a beautiful dress cant wait to colour her Yipee!!!

    Em xxx

  27. Tropical Mae looks so sexy! my dream is to see the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty…

  28. Tropical Mae is such a cutie with her tropical glamour girl style. I think she’s amazing! Makes me want to visit a tropical destination like the Bahamas or the Florida Keys.

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