Blossom Fairy

Blossom Fairy

Leah the Orange here, and, well, it’s TIME.  You might have seen a little sneaky or two around these parts or in our Facebook group, but today is another VERY exciting day for us Odd Girls, as we are bringing you another utterly GORJE digi release!  Join us now through Thursday for brand new FAIRIES!  🙂 

Today, we’ll kick things off with a little beauty who kind of reminds me of an a video game or choose your own adventure kinda gal – like with her little satchel, I’d almost expect her to be carrying some kind of weapon or healing potions.  😉  Let’s give a warm, Odd welcome to….




LOVE HER!  Check out these beautiful samples from our team…






What would you put in your own magical satchel if you were Blossom Fairy? Let us know in the comments and there might be a little something something given away at the end of the week. 

 Yep.  Available now at, with a few other sweet friends!  GRAB HER!  And visit us tomorrow for another fun reveal!  🙂




  1. Thud!! These are gorgeous! LOVE all the new fairies!!

  2. Hmmmm what would she be carrying her bag? potions! or…. Coffee….. mmmm coffee!

  3. Iiiiiiii!!
    Oh my, I adore her!!! Swoooon!!!!

    I would carry chocolate!! Its already magical!
    Cures anything!! LOL!

  4. WOW! She is amazing!! I love the detail in her outfit and the samples from the design team are fantastic! Great work ladies! 😀

  5. Wow, wow, wow! I need her, now!!!
    Hmm … Magical satchel … Probably my promarkers and a stack of digi’s printed and ready to colour 🙂 if it was magical enough, Mary poppins style, a mountain of papers, glitters, flowers, ribbon etc etc too ready for an impromptu craft session any time and place x

  6. This is so adorable! I wonder if all the Copic would fit in her bag…:)

  7. Oh Dear Me. Those Fairies are so naughty, 2 of them jumped in my basket when I was browsing the store. Off to play with them now. Adore them all, Well Done, Love Hxx

  8. LOVE her and her cool satchel! I also love her cute ears. Yep, I’m gonna have to get her.

  9. She is fun! I love her long braid down the back, and her secret satchel! Very cool!

  10. Lovely….I would carry pixie dust! haha, to make all things magical for my children =0D

  11. ohhhhhh she’s soooo beautiful and a little playful … love her hair and ankle bracelet xxx

  12. Oh She’s lovely. Love her long braid and sweet smile.

    Hugs, Mette

  13. I love this fairy. Fantastic job and since fairies are my fave i am sure I will love the Whole release

  14. Oh my gosh is she not the cutues image or what! I can’t wait to see the rest of this release, I am a HUGE Fairy person and you never disappoint! My sachel would have ‘fairy dust’ of course 🙂 This is just too cute!

  15. Definitely fairy dust or Glitter she looks fab cant wait for the other 3 releases 🙂

  16. Pixie dust! (Duh!) 😉 Not very original, I know, but I bet my daughters would argue that there’s really no other choice. 🙂

    She’s “adorbs”, Kristy!

  17. Love her leaf dress! I would carry popcorn… it’s my crack! haha

  18. These are all so amazing! I would put Mojo since mine is missing.

  19. ooh I love her I am off to shop lol fab cards girls xx

    Hugs Wendy

  20. So sweet!And what amazing coloring work the DT made! Love it!

  21. I absolutely love THIS IMAGES.. She is soo on top of my wish list.. love seeing all the creations from the DT..

  22. Love the outfit. If I were her, I’d be carrying fairy dust in my satchel, to make everything grow and to brightening things up.

  23. I would have to put my copics in the satchel, can’t go anywhere without them. Hope it’s magic quality is that it could fit them all in despite the massive number I have!! :-S xxx

  24. So beautiful!! I would so carry vintage buttons and twine in her satchel.

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