Our last Fairy digi – sending Rainbows of LOVE!

Our last Fairy digi – sending Rainbows of LOVE!

Good morning, Odd FriendsLeah the Orange here, welcoming you all to day four, and our last (sob, sniff) day of this digi release!  We hope you’ve been enjoying the Fairy friends we’ve shared, and we know they’re already getting a healthy amount of love in the store!  CLICK HERE to see the whole new batch of beauties! 

Today, we are featuring one more gorgeous gal – this one’s clearly a crafter like us 😉  and she’s spreading rainbows, sunshine and lurrrrrve wherever she goes!  Say hello to



Yep, this one’s already a hit with us, and we are quite sure you are going to rock out some amazing projects with Rainbow Fairy, too.  Let’s see some samples from our uber-talented Odd Girls!







 Doesn’t she just MELT YOUR HEART?!  Doesn’t she make you want to dig out all of your multi-colored pretties and throw down a card full of rainbowy goodness?!  I personally love the little touches of the vine wrapped around her ankle, and the little dangling bits from her leafy dress!  Tiny little details, but so perfect!  And yet another amazing creation from The Odd Girl herself, Kristy!

So do you want to win Rainbow Fairy?  Well here’s how you can do it, and I’ll be back tomorrow morning to announce the winners from EVERY reveal day this week!  That’s right, leave comments (and answer the questions) from each of this week’s reveal posts, and you could win that day’s Fae!  🙂

Today’s question…

If you could send someone a rainbow today, who would it be?  Maybe someone who’s been going through a difficult time and you want to send them something to cheer them up?  Maybe someone who’s very special to you and you want to show them how important they are to you?  Or how about someone who has an opportunity ahead of them that’s just too amazing, and you want them to know you BELIEVE in them?!  Either way, tell us who it is (and send us a link to their blog, if they have one – they might just get lucky too!), and we’ll let you know if you’re our winner(s) tomorrow!

Until then, STAY ODD, and count down with us to CHA…
…  4…  32… (that’s right, just 2 more days!)



  1. Oh this is sooo lovely. I can definitely see using it. I would send a rainbow to my girlfriend since 4 grade who recently lost a family member and I know she could use some sunshine in her. She is not a crafter though but I know she would appreciate it greatly.

  2. Definitely love this image, Kristy. And Anna and Melissa’s coloring are so amazing. Have fun at CHA. I will so miss seeing you girls.

  3. Sorry, meant to say Arabella’s coloring. 😀

  4. When I was a kid I loved to draw rainbows on everything and that is what this one takes me back to. Love it!

  5. I love her, she might be my fav from this week’s release! For some reason, she makes me want to get out some good ol’ fashioned crayons!! Love what everyone did with her today, awesome job!

    I would send a rainbow to my daughter, Hunter. She had a terrible year at school last year, and she is not looking forward to going back.

    Yay CHA!! Whoop Whoop!

  6. OMG she is very cute!!! I would totally send a rainbow to my oldest daughter. She is 22 and is 28 1/2 weeks pregnant and having a very horrible pregnancy. For the last 6 days now she has been unable to keep any food or fluid down. Right now she is in a hospital. She is totally miserable and not able to work. So a rainbow to cheer her up and the money at the end of it is very much needed! Prayers going out to her too!
    hugs, Heidi

  7. She’s beautiful and such gorgeous DT samples. I would send a rainbow to my aunt who is due to have lymph glands removed and drained – we are all very worried but staying positive and believing in miracles :). My aunt needs cheering up :).

    Hugs, Mette

  8. Okay… she is totally the bee’s knees!!! I would send a rainbow to my little girl, Lily. She always brings sunshine to my day so why not bring a rainbow to hers!!

  9. Oh she is sooo cute! And I would love to give a rainbow to my fiance. I believe in him! hugs Sandra

  10. Rainbow Fairy is my absolute favourite! She’s so cute and crafty! I would send a rainbow to my other half Keiron because he is so fantastic and supportive and often buys me lovely crafty treats!! 🙂 xxx

  11. ohh She is soo Gorgeous.. I LOVE THEM ALL.. I would send Rainbow to my Girlfriend, and her family As her Husband is fighting a very aggressive form of Cancer.. and to my baby Sister who’s Birthday is this weekend and what a great BD than to give her a Beautiful Rainbow.
    Again WOW to the DT and their Fab creations.

  12. I would send it to my BFF and Pen Pal, Amy! She’s the best and she deserves it! She doesn’t have a blog, but her FB is http://www.facebook.com/amy.tamburello ! :]

  13. I loooove Rainbow Fairy. I bought her the second I saw her (about 5 seconds after I saw the first blog about them being available). Tomorrow I’ll be colouring her for sure!

    Today is my Nana’s 85th Birthday so I’d definitely send her a Birthday Rainbow 🙂 x

  14. I am so in love with her. The DT did an amazing job. I would love to send a rainbow to cheer up all my friends who are going through a difficult time.

  15. love her!!!! I know it sounds selfish but I would send myself some rainbows… I just found a small leak in my bathroom that has ran down the walls all the way to the basement 🙁 going to cost me a arm and a leg!! oh well on a good note – I get my bathroom fixed up – bad note… I have to do it less scrappy time

  16. Awww -she’s just precious! If I could send anyone a rainbow today, it would be my mom. Today is her birthday, and it’s her first birthday with me living alllll the way on the other side of the country away from her.

  17. I can’t believe I’ve missed so much lately. This digis is sooooooo sweet! Love the creations the girls did! Fantastic job team! When I read your post further down and you asked who “you’d send a rainbow to and why”…..I knew I had to answer. As of late, my daughter and I have been going thru a rough time…you see her dad (my ex) passed away suddenly on June 23…..so my crafting has taken a backseat as all of a sudden you begin re-evaluating your life. As I write this, I am crying. I am so sad that my daughter will not have her dad to watch her grow up. Walk her down the isle. Hold her grandchildren. I was putting sunscreen on her face the other day (she’s 11, so sunscreen is NOT top her priority list) and when I was done I kissed her cheek and said “your beautiful”….she said ” I know”…..we made a beautiful daughter, Hannah, and if I could give anyone a rainbow right now, it would be her! I would give her the moon! Thanks for letting me share my story!

  18. I really love the fairies,but in all fairness all of you girls inspire me to get out my copics and pencils and see if i can come up with ideas as good as your team.My oldest daughter lives across the street from me and on the week end we make and compare our cards.Imagine my suprise when i was checkng my mail and found your stamps coming out on one of my favorite sites congraluations you ladies.

  19. Wonderful creations!!!! If I could send a rainbow to someone, it has to be my mom, cause I miss her so much…..Fabi xx

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