A new little critter – watch where you’re biting!

A new little critter – watch where you’re biting!

Good morning, Odd Friends!  Leah the Orange, all settled back in after a fabulous little getaway with Kristy and Annette to Chicago!  It’s nice to be back and seeing what our Odd Girls are up to these days!  What did you think of yesterday’s reveal?  Isn’t Teacher’s Pet Tia a sweetheart?  I can see her earning straight As and sitting right up in the front of the class!  🙂

Today, we have a new little friend to share who’s going to charm you right to the CORE!  😉  Please say hello to…


Too stinkin’ cute!  I love his geeky glasses and little bow tie!  Let’s see what our Odd Girls have done to spotlight this little dude….






Leah C

Do you prefer the red apples or the green apples?  I love all the bright colors our gals have used, and there are so many fun school collections available, the options are endless!  Not that we’re excited at all about the kids (and our teacher spouses) going back to school, right?  😉  Okay, so I might be a little excited…  My husband is a teacher and I’m rather looking forward to September!  😀

Tell us in a comment below about a teacher that you remember, or who had a real impact on you, and one random winner will take home Nerdy Wormy!  I’ll announce the winner on Friday!



  1. My sixth grade teache, Mrs. Schultz, did an amazing job with us. It was a pivotal year for a great teacher, and she went above and beyond! 🙂

  2. Mrs. Lopeman was my shorthand teacher during my sophomore year. If you missed an assignment, you had to write it twice…..I still have the note she wrote me telling me to give my hand a break(I had made up 5 or so assignments)…and that I had a lot of potential. I appreciated the confidence she expressed in me! She was a tough teacher, but an excellent one.

  3. My high school English teacher, Mrs Taylor, taught me not to judge a book by its cover. She was my first example….scary serious and strict on the outside but very kind and funny on the inside. I love the nerdy worm and the projects the DT came up with!

  4. i love this super cute

  5. Such a cutie! I’d love to print this really big and make a shaped card of it!
    I’ve been lucky enough to have had many great teachers, but the one I would like to give an apple to (but maybe one without the worm!) is my high school social science teacher: Anna-Lena. She was an amazing woman and my whole class adored her – she was firm and strict with assignments, but she had a wonderful sense of humor and she really cared about all of us, and not just about our grades, she made sure to say a few words to all of us and make sure everything was fine all over. And when it wasn’t, she was the one we’d turn to.

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