How does this Tobie “measure up”? :)

How does this Tobie “measure up”? :)

Hellooooooooooo Odd friends!  Leah the Orange hanging with you folks today, and have I got a treat for YOU!  This is the third and final reveal of our school-inspired digis for the week, and this little dude is SO much fun to color!  He comes with his own giant accessory – a larger-than-life ruler that can be great for a little dude’s birthday (“you’re growing up so fast!” or “for a big boy!”) or for anything school-related…  Say hello to…

Measure Up Tobie!

Isn’t he a handsome little fellow?  And doesn’t he look PROUD?! 
Check out these uber-inspiring prodgies from our fabulously Odd Girls





 Leah C


What do you think?  Doesn’t our team of Odd Girls simply ROCK?!  Yep, I’m always inspired by these talented ladies…

Do you know a little fella who deserves a special little shout-out?  Tell us about him!  For whom would you create a little dude card using Measure Up Tobie, and why?  Let us know in a comment below, and you might be the lucky winner of this fun new digi! 

Thanks again for joining us, and we’ll be back tomorrow with some extra-special fun!  😀




  1. The first guy I think of is my 14 year old nephew who is at least 6’2″ and still growing. Tobie is too cute and so are all the cards the DT made!

  2. my sweet son of course!
    he looks a little like tobie.
    and yes, you have a great team.

  3. super cute

  4. Ha ha might use this for my boy, he’ll be 14 in Oct and towers over me already so this could work! I bought him as soon as he appeared on site. Perfect addition to my ever growing SOG collection. Take care Zo xx

    Zoe Young Kirkby (@CraftygasheadZo)
  5. Tobie has always “measured up” in my book! The same little guy I made a Growth Chart with School Boy Tobie turns 4 soon and would love to see this new bigger Tobie on a project!

  6. Oh, lovely Tobie!
    I would put him on a project for my sweet godson, he is four and a half and has just learned to ride a bike without the training wheels! I’m SO proud of him – but he really is getting big so very, vert fast. I seems like just a few weeks ago that he was this tiny thing in an incubator, born in week 29. But he rushes through life with such speed, which we say is the reason he came so early – he was in a hurry to explore the world!

  7. I would think of my two sons or our brand new cousin Joseph who was born on Friday… each child is a wonderful creation and always growing so fast. Thanks for the chance to win. jeandonny2000 at hotmail dot com

  8. Definately my 2 year old son! I’d love to do a ‘Guess how much I love you’ book page because it’s our favourite at the moment!

  9. My grandson Jaccob,he was born with lots of problems,he will be 15 in december.He is almost 6 ft.,but only 4-5 yrs.mentally,he had a stroke at 3 months.So he loves my colorful cards and especially the cute kids and this is really cute.

  10. Oh he is just too cute! I would use him on a card to my daughters best friend and sibbling who is a little boy with the right look in his eyes (you know that special playfull look only a child can have!) hugs Sandra

  11. He’s so cute – I love the bowl cut! 🙂 I would use him for my godsons, Aidan and Brendan. They’ve each had their own issues with physical growth but are turning into such mature little men!

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