Welcome to Kaylee’s Closet!

Welcome to Kaylee’s Closet!

Good morning, Odd friends!  Leah the Orange here, welcoming you to The Main Event!  This is something we’ve all been VERY excited about, and we’re so glad the day has finally arrived to unveil KAYLEE’S CLOSET!  They may be little, but they pack quite a punch!  Check out the Kaylee’s Wardrobe set:

We all remember playing with paper dolls when we were little, right?  Well you can mix and match any of the items in Kaylee’s Wardrobe (the release we are sharing today) for a ton of different looks!  Paper piece them, color them separately, paper piece THEN color, or leave them for someone ELSE to color, and you’ve got hours of fun ahead of you!  Kaylee’s Wardrobe is the main set, and it’s available NOW by CLICKING HERE…  We will also be sharing additional sets (like booster packs!) for different occasions, holidays, and extra fun.  First, let’s take a look and see what our Odd Girls have done with the starter set, shall we?  🙂






 Anna Maria






If you want to see the video Kristy put together using the new Kaylee’s Closet line just hop over to her blog and check it out!

Oh, the possibilities!  This was a big hit at CHA, and we hope to see lots of outfits on my girl Kaylee in loads of fun outfits popping up all over the intarwebs…  Do you remember playing with paper dolls as a youngling?  We can’t wait to know what you all think about this fun new concept!  From personal experience, it’s fun to just look through papers to find cute little patterns and stamp ’em and cut ’em out, so you have a whole slew of pretty choices when you set to making a card or project – I think I have at least 6 or 7 complete outfits planned – now to get to coloring Kaylee and letting her strut her stuff!

So there you have it, folks!  If you DO grab the Kaylee’s Closet stamps for yourself, please be sure to share your projects with us and play along with our August Sketch Challenge, or post them in our Facebook group so we can ogle them – we’re sure you’ll come up with ideas that even we hadn’t thought of! 

Happy crafting, folks, and join us again tomorrow when Kaylee shows off the finds from her latest shopping extravaganza!  😉


  1. LOVE all of the projects here! Anna Maria’s coloring set is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us ladies! 🙂

  2. Wow o wow!! so many wonderful combinations! Great inspirations ladies. They are all pretty fantastic.

  3. All adorable- I especially love the first one. The colors and layout are fab and I LOVE that purse! So cute!

  4. ooooh I love them all, but I especially love Anna Maria’s idea, it is perfect for a child!!!!! ooooh can’t wait to get this set =0D…Fabi xxxx

  5. I cannot wait to get this!!

  6. I love all the Design Team Inspirations! Amazing Cards Ladies TFS.. and ( what a fun Idea Ana Maria)

  7. Do you sell this set any more? I was trying to find it and the winter set and no where to be found *cry* Not mu favorite hair style but I like the images ALOT!!

    1. Author

      Sorry Rachael! Kaylee’s Closet has been clearanced out. I’m glad you liked the set! HUGS!

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