Some Howdy and Hope – new Mae digis you can win!

Some Howdy and Hope – new Mae digis you can win!

Morning, Odd friends!  Leah the Orange with you on this bright, sunny and blissfully cool September morning!  I’m here to share the FINAL digi reveals of the week, and I think you’re gonna love these gals! 

Thank you all for the fun comments you’ve been leaving on this week’s posts – remember that if you leave a comment each day that answers the question I’ve asked, you could win BOTH digis for that day!  One more for today, and we’ll have our winners tomorrow, so you have until midnight tonight (EST) to get your comments in!  🙂

Let’s kick things off today with a HOEDOWN!  😀  Yeeeeeee-haw!  It’s Cowgirl Mae!

Yip, that’s right, pardners…  She’s got them boots, and that there hat, and she’s ready to lasso up some CHOCOLATE!  Oh, wait, no…  Maybe a cow or a piggy or something, or a nice young fella!  Hey Tobie, you might want to hide!  (no pun intended)  Okay, okay, enough of the silliness.  She’s gorgeous, right?  I absolutely LOVE what our Odd Girls have done to spotlight this beauty!  Check ’em out!

Anna Maria







Love!  There’s a whole lotta fun to be had with this one, and so many sentiments you can add!

Last, but not least, we have a lovely young lady who is standing up for her cause, whatever that cause may be.  Next month is breast cancer awareness month, so Pink Ribbon Mae will be PERFECT for your cards of hope and encouragement and survival, but she will work for ANY cause with that versatile ribbon!  Here she is in all her fabulosity, PINK RIBBON MAE!


And our Odd Girls have truly embraced the spirit of this digi, because their cards are absolutely beautiful, with messages of hope, strength, courage and happiness.  Our love and support go out to all those amazing folks who are battling a disease or disadvantage…  We salute you and we commend you! Feast your eyes on these beauties!






 Lou Mac

 Okay, so there you have it, a week of digis all wrapped up!  And that means it’s QUESTION TIME!  Comment to win both of today’s reveals, and tell me…

If you were a cowgirl, what would you name your trusted horse?
(And if you ARE a cowgirl, what’s your horse’s name?)

Leave your comments by MIDNIGHT tonight (EST) and come back for a visit tomorrow morning to see if you’ve won!  I’ll also be back with our Friday Spotlight, so be sure to have any of your SOGgy projects uploaded to your galleries, our September challenge, and our Facebook group for maximum exposure!  🙂  We have a whole lot going on right now, so there are lots of opportunities to win stuff!  Ya just gotta pay attention, ‘cuz you don’t wanna miss ’em!  😀


  1. Ooooh gorgeous new stamps!!

    Horse name? Ooooh, difficult… Jinx! I’d name my horse Jinx.

  2. My Horse would be white and i her name would be Nova

  3. I love them! Gorgeous!!! I had a pony when I was young and her name was Beauty.

  4. Ooh need these! Ok horse name……Crafty Blue! After my obsession with craft and my fav colour! Take care Zo xx

    Zoe Young Kirkby (@CraftygasheadZo)
  5. This week of new digi images has been amazing. I love all the projects your DT is super talented.

    Hmmm if I were a cowgirl my horse would definitly be Sparkle. She would also have a blinged out collar……hmmmm maybe I should be a cowgirl so I can get a horse.


  6. Awesome images! Hmmm, I think I’d name her Cindel.

  7. OMG I love these A Lot!!!!! Way adorable!!!! If I had a horse I would name it Stormy!!!!! Love the name.
    hugs, Heidi

  8. I adore those Mae’s!!! If I had a horse I’d name him “Sysco” after the horse in the movie “Dances with Wolves” 🙂 awesome job by the DT’s!!!! 🙂

  9. I would name my horse beauty

  10. Both of these are super cute! I love Pink Ribbon Mae. Her ribbon could be colored up to support a variety of great causes.
    If I were a cowgirl, my horse would be named Bullseye…just so I could say “Ride like the wind Bullseye!” LOL!!

  11. i love the show black beauty so i have to have a horse named beauty. love these new digis.

  12. Oh I just love pink ribbon Mae! Although she doesn’t have to be pink ribbon which is awesome! Must have! If I were a cowgirl my horse would be named Auburn because I love the color:)

  13. These are amazing. I adore the Pink Ribbon Mae one and your DT did a fabulous job. Never had a horse but if I ever win the mega millions and get one it would be Diamond.

  14. Cowgirl Mae is so cool!
    If I had a horse I’d name him Spike!

  15. Beautiful new Digis!

    I would call my horse “prickly pear”

  16. So cool and sweet ♥ I think I would name my horse Charming ♥ as in Prince Charming 😉

  17. wow… love these digis… I dont’ have a horse… but i love the Pinto horses so i would name him patches 🙂

  18. I think I would want a Fawny colored house and name her Sugar. Beautiful cards ladies.

  19. I’ve always wanted a horse named Thunder, because I’d want him to be fiesty.

  20. I love the pink ribbon stamp, my boy is autistic and the ribbon is so similar that I’m going to take a dozen gift card set as my donation to the fundraiser and she would be outstanding to work with and represent such a meaningful cause!
    Thanks again, and my horse would be a Milo! Love the happy name!

  21. If I where a cowgirl, I definitely want to look like the one on your card. She’s pretty. My horses name would be Sparkle of my Eye, (My favorite UB40 song) And I would call him Sparky for short.

  22. Beautiful Images 🙂
    Always Dreamed Of Having A Horse When I Got Older.. If It Would Come True Someday I Think I Would Name Her Miracle.. For All The Miracle’s God Has Brought Into My Life Lately ..:-)

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