Tia and this Pup are ready for winter! Want to win them?

Tia and this Pup are ready for winter! Want to win them?

Morning, Odd friends!  Leah the Orange joining you for another hump day fun day!  Can you believe it’s already WEDNESDAY?  This week is FLYING by with all these fun new digi reveals, and I’m totally psyched to share two more cuties with you today!  We hope you’re loving all the new digis, and they are all available to purchase – just CLICK HERE to see them all and grab ’em for yourself! 

OR, you might be one of our lucky winners!  Leave comments answering my little questions each day this week, because we will be announcing four winners on Friday!  Yep, one winner per day!

Today’s digis are bundled up and ready for some snowy FUN!  This little miss is feeling a little extra playful, and if you aren’t careful, you might end up with a snowball in the face!  🙂

Say hello to Snowball Tia!

Love her spunky spirit!  And what better way to make the best of the cold weather than to EMBRACE IT?!  Check out the fabulous creations from our Odd Girls – I think I sense a snowball fight coming on!  😀





 Can you feel that winter chill?  And can you imagine warming up after some snowball fun with a hot choccie and a little snack?  Well don’t get too comfy, there’s someone here waiting for you to take them for a little walk!  Check out this cute little critter, all dressed up in warm duds!

It’s Sweater Pup!


 Our Odd Girls show you how versatile and easy this digi is to work with…  LOOK!

Anna Maria 



Too cute, right?  He looks so eager to go outside and romp around in the fluffy, new-fallen snow!  Speaking of new-fallen snow, I want to hear what your FAVORITE thing is about the snow…  It could be the way it glistens in the moonlight, the way the flakes feel when they land on your eyelashes, the fact that new snow means mitten weather, or that Christmas is around the corner, or whatever!  What does SNOW mean to you, or what do you love about it?  Answer the question in a comment below by TOMORROW NIGHT at midnight EST, and you could win both of today’s digis!

And join us tomorrow for our final reveal this week…  It’s going to be a great way to wrap up the fun, and yet another chance to win!  See you then!  😀



  1. Oh i love SNOW!!! When it snows it’s like the entire earth is covered with a white pure sheet… and everything is clean, calm and peaceful.
    I love to play in the snow with my poodle:D
    Hugs and thanks for the chance:)

  2. I love fresh falling snow – its SO quiet and peaceful. Gorgeous samples ladies!

  3. I love the sparkle at night. I remember playing outside with the porch light on when I was a kid and we would “dig for diamonds” in the snow. Thats just one super happy memory from childhood

  4. My most fave thing about the snow is snowboarding in it! When you hit freshly fallen snow with the board and hear the soft crunch to speed off – that’s adrenalin building!

  5. You’re right they are too cute!
    The favorite thing about snow…I think that’s the excitement in the eyes of my little daughter when she can run around in the snow
    so adorable 🙂

  6. I love when it first snows before all the cars drive on it and before all the kids are out playing. It is so quiet and peaceful! It is so beautiful to see all the snow glistening on the tree branches. Even though it is cold outside I could sit out there and watch it all day. If only I could stop time at that particular moment!!!!!!!

  7. Super cute images and projects! My favorite thing about snow is that I don’t see it unless I want to drive to see it….I live near Phoenix, AZ.

  8. Oh so cute!!! I just love these digis, especially the pup!
    To me, winter means sweater weather (yay!) and happy dogs romping in snow banks.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I love the snow because it makes me feel happy the season is changing and it’s time for Thanksgiving and christmas,
    Snow means to me is if it snows enough we get a paid day off from the campus oh yeah

  10. i love playing in the snow and getting cold then i can enjoy warm apple cider and hot cocoa of course.

  11. What does snow mean to me? It means time to pull out the warm heavy blankets, wrap up, drink hot chocolate and watch a good movie! Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Love Snowball Tia!! In the south we don’t get a lot of snow, so when we get have it, it means EXCITEMENT! The kids are excited about having fun in the snow and the possiblity of no school. 🙂

  13. That Puppy, I just adored him right away. What I love about snow. The way our dog reacts when he sees it for the first time. His eyes sparkle with fun, he can’t wait till we put his jacket on (He is a really big dog and ownes his own mini horse blanket and he loves it!) and he can go outside. He jumps trough the snow and dives in it with his whole face. It is so awesomly cute when he looks up too you with his sparkling eyes full of love for this cold white stuff.

  14. I went to college upstate and the snow campus looked amazing ( a scene from a movie) right after it snowed. I love that snow can make the streets of NY look so clean and fresh. Now that I have a lil one playing in the snow is just FUN it brings u back to your childhood.

  15. Snow here means it’s 6 months to christmas 😛

  16. First off I want to let you know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these images…wow…they are amazing.. And as far as the answer to your question. I love how the first snow covers the ground, trees, and scenery so pristine and fresh….giving the earth a fresh and serene look…the second thing about snow that I like is that we don’t have it year round…:)…

  17. Oh what an adorable snowball girl!!!! I must have her.

    My favorite thing about snow is how beautiful it makes everything look. I love white, bc it’s so clean and pure. Snow falls down perfect, soft and pretty!!

    x0, Damaris

  18. i love watching the snow fall – the big kind… large flakes and when it comes down slowly… so beautiful!!!

  19. I love watching the snow fall. Then at night when the moon is high it is super sparkly and it is so very very quiet outside. Very serene and peaceful.

  20. so cute!

    Snow … hmmm well I have never seen it …. but would love to one day! To me it means snowmen!

    xoxo Carly

  21. I love when I see gentle snowflakes falling and covering up the whole yard in the morning…its very peaceful and serene. Quite opposite to what happens when all the kiddies wake up and start their day. HA! Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. I love the fresh fallen snow,it it beautiful.I remember the kid
    s running out to make angels the best memories ever.

  23. OMG these are soooo darn cute!!!!! I love the puppy the most!!! I am a total Dog fan!!!!!! Well since it’s too hot here for Snow, snow means to me a trip to the mountains to play in it!!!!!
    love the DT cards as Always!!!! Great work ladies!!!

  24. I adore the Tia images…they always make me smile. As for snow, my favorite thing is really the way it looks on the trees and create such a sparkly. Just love to stare out the window after a fresh snow.

  25. Oh, I loved this cut pup when I caught a glimpse of him in the Facebook page, and he really is adorable in his sweater!
    I don’t really like snow at all, but I love skiing, so I guess the thing I love most about snow is skiing. 🙂

  26. The images are both darling and could be used for so many reasons! I love everything about the snow, men, tounge liquid, balle, sleding or . . . and this is the best part . . . watching it glisten on the heavy branched pine tree.
    Tammy Louise

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