Color it up with ARTIST MAE! Comment to win!

Color it up with ARTIST MAE! Comment to win!

Okay folks.  Last fabby little clear set to share this week.  Last day to comment on all of the posts from this release if you wanna win!  Comment before midnight EST (tonight) – read below! – and I’ll have a winner to announce tomorrow, plus a fabulous new spotlight!  Then we gear up for Round 3 voting for Odd Idol!  Can ya stand the excitement?!  I thought not!

Leah the Orange joining you on this DREARY and super humid humpday morning, and I’m thrilled to share a cutie that totally wins the hearts of all colorers.  🙂  Yeah, that’s a word.  Heh.Check out our third reveal, ARTIST MAE!


 Doesn’t she look furiously focused?!  The tongue just kills me – I love that!  🙂

Let’s see what the Odd Girls did to show this cutie off…


Artist Mae - Vera Yates

Mary Pat

sog may artist mae






Leah Crowe



 Yeah, there’s some fun to be had with this one!  Do you love the sentiments, and the little pencil/marker?  SWOONWORTHY!  Well that wraps things up for this release, and today, I want to hear about how you FIRST felt when you colored with the medium of your choice.  Did you stink?  Were you a pro from the getgo?  Were you totally intimidated and nervous?  Or are you just a GO WITH IT kind of crafter?  Tell us in a comment below and you might be our lucky winner this week!  🙂 

That said, we’re off!  See you again tomorrow when I announce our
winner and share a GORJE spotlight that’s simply to die for!


  1. I love Artist Mae with her tongue sticking out to the side! Awesome cards by the DT! My first attempt at coloring….ACK….I stunk big time!

  2. oh my heck so totally adorable.. of course.. love it and great samples from the DT..

  3. ooohh she is CUTE!!!

    My first attempt with my watercolors….I try not not remember, I was that bad! lol

  4. GREAT cards, ladies!!
    Her tongue sticking out….so so cuuuuute!!

  5. love cards

  6. I L-O-V-E this image!!! Must. Have. It.

    The first time I colored with ProMarkers, I sucked. Big time. It was like a 6-yearold with felt tip markers in school. Yikes! Now I’m better at it, but want to switch to Copics (and probably go back to sucking). =)

  7. Beautiful image and gorgeous cards..
    I was so happy to get my Prisma color pencils and when I first colored I felt like ohhhh this can’t get any better..I was so happpyyy.. And now I am waiting for the day when I get to buy copics..

  8. Adorable cards!
    My first was just a couple weeks ago. I thought it stunk but the hubby said it was awesome, so I went ahead and mailed it to the recipient.

  9. She is totally me 🙂 I’ll color any chance I get! I was so excited to color with my copics for the first time!

  10. When I first used alcohol markers I was amazed at how nicely they blend… but I was no expert by any stretch of the imagination!

  11. I love the tongue sticking out. I first started out with colored pencils and progressed to Copics. I love coloring! With anything but mostly my Copics!

  12. Wow, gorgeous work ladies!! <3

    When I first colored with my copics, I was "helemaal in m'n nopjes" or in English: Totally over the moon!! Sooooo different and the blending, totally fab!!

  13. The first time coloring with copics was really really challenging, but the look af the colors were amazing, so I kept trying …and here I am 🙂

  14. She’s fabulous! I started with prismacolors and thought I did okay but looking back, not so much. I have learned quite a bit about shading and such but have a long way to go!

  15. Ohw what a lovely image and the cards are stunning again.

    I was so happy when I colored with my copics, because I wanted them for a while!


  16. Ooooh, she is so cute! Love the tongue and total look of concentration on her face!

    I won a set of copics from a blog hop and had 9 colors to begin with…..after I used them, that was it, I was hooked! Absolutely LOVE them! 🙂

  17. love this set! i think the sets this month and grand!!! i think i will need them all as they will be great for teenage cards!

  18. I think I was frustrated the first time I colored with Copics. I thought the markers would make me a great colorist. Little did I know that it takes A LOT of practice and also blending sets 🙂 Love Artist Mae!

  19. oh gosh, I totally and completely sucked sour lemons! lol. I recently found the first image I ever colored from SOG. I must share that with everyone. It’s a huge difference.

    x0, D

  20. I Love this, I find myself doing this sometimes!! I tried, tried and I am still trying!! Just love to sit and colour!!

  21. Amazing DT-work! Love this! The first time I coloured with Promarkers I fell in love and I still love them.

  22. All the cards are so cute! I got some Ciaos from my local scrapbook store and was instantly hooked. I eventually switched to all Sketch, but my first images were very elementary! Lol. I am much better now after much practice and YouTube videos!

  23. Such a wonderful and stellar image! Love what you all did with her!

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