Let’s get our GROOVE ON with Music Mae! Comment to win!

Let’s get our GROOVE ON with Music Mae! Comment to win!

WOO HOO!  GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD morning, Odd friends!  (Said to the tune of “GOOOOOOOOOOD morning, Vietnam!)  Leah the Orange here, joining you on this hot and humid day in South Jersey, but THAT’s not gonna bring me down!  NO SIRREE BOB!

Today is DAY TWO of our new clear stamp release, and this girl’s a heartbreaker, fer serious.  I’m just gonna cut right to the chase… 

Meet Music Mae!


Is she a beauty or what?  Is she listening to her favorite swoony love song?  She seems to have that dreamy look on her face, doesn’t she?  Or maybe it’s a mix tape from a secret admirer!  Either way, that expression is just fabulous, and the accent stamps are too bloomin’ cute!  Let’s see how this fun set inspired our Odd Girls

Mary Pat

sog may music mae

Leah Crowe




Music Mae - Vera Yates



Well?  What do you think? 

I’d like to know what song you often have on repeat, whether you’re in your car, working out or crafting away merrily…  What is that ONE song that just never fails to make your whole being feel wonderful?
Leave your comment below, and we’ll be giving away one of the gorgeous new sets on Thursday!

OH!  And to give you all an update…  Our Odd Idol hopefuls are crafting away merrily AS WE SPEAK!  Round three is coming to a close, and we’ll have their submissions by tomorrow at midnight EST.  This Friday, we’ll be sharing their projects, and you can vote for your fave!  This round has been VERY interesting so far, and HOOOOOO, NELLY!  You’re not gonna believe what you see!  Hope you’re ready!

Also, you might want to drop by Some Odd World to see what kind of action’s going on there – there’s a new Trash Your Stash Challenge in full swing (it’s all about PAPERS!), and there’s some GORGEOUSNESS over there from our community members! 

Come on over to our Facebook group, too, and share your projects so I might spotlight them sometime in the future!  We want to see what kind of SOGgy lurve you’re up to!  We’re always looking for fresh new faces to introduce!


  1. Loving Music Mae – looks like she’s having fun.
    The song that makes hit rewind every time is “One Thing” by Amerie from the Hitch movie soundtrack. As soon as the first notes start to play, I want to move…

  2. Love this!!
    I ordered this one yesterday!! 🙂
    Can’t wait to play!
    FAB DT’s projects!! wow!!

  3. OMG she is ADORABLE!!!! My FAVE song I like to stick on repeat is That Power by Will I Am & Justin Bieber!!! I LOVE Justin Bieber and I am 42 yrs old!!! I admit it! I have been to his most recent concert that I took my 6 yr old to last Sept. We had a Blast!!! I am still YOUNG and I love playing JUST DANCE on Wii!!!!

  4. Super sweet cards ladies! Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves always brings a smile to my face and gets my feet moving.

  5. Awwww she is super beautiful.. And gorgeous cards from DT..
    Recently the songs which I keep repeating is “I am coming home, I am coming home, tell the world I am coming home….”

  6. Wow! These are amazing! I tend to listen to Lecre or anything Country.

  7. What a stellar looking lady! And everyone did so awesome!My kids and I still love Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, hee hee! But I love Titanium and that’s what I listen to when I’m belting out in the car!

  8. How cute, I love this image and WOW what fabulous samples the DT shared with us.

  9. I looooove Leah’s funky hair and purple card, way to go girl!
    I don’t really listen to music when I craft, but my boyfriends computer is in the same room as my craft desk and he plays a lot of music. Lately it has mostly been the songs from the Eurovision Song Contest that’s been heard in our little “office”, and my favorite was Malta: Tomorrow with Gianluca. It makes me happy and cheery, it’s such a sweet little pop song. You can listen to it here on Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/track/7sg0OHa6JLbaS6Zfbn70bd

  10. Ohw what a wondefull image! I know for who I want to use that image!

    The song that I love and is often on repeat is: Hakuna Matata! From the Lion King. This one always makes me happy.


  11. Adorable! Right now Michael Buble’s newest album is on the repeat for me 🙂

  12. Funny I always am hearing kids music I find myself humming Veggie Tales songs…sad but true. Great stamp today.

  13. Love her! so fun! I guess lately I play Kelly Clarkson, Catch my breath over and over and over…

  14. I love her! Must. Have. 🙂 Cutest cards ever, too. Nice job, DT!

  15. super fun stamp.

  16. Beautiful cards from the dt, and such a cute image! hugs, Kimberly

  17. Wow, she’s so lovely! “Love like blood” by Killing Joke is a song that I can listen to for more than 100 times and it never gets bored. Love it and gives me butterflies for the rest of the day.

  18. She is perfect and reminds me of my daughter right now!

    Gorgeous cards from the DT!! 🙂

  19. This is my new favorite Mae stamp! I think the go to song is Wild Ones. That always makes me happy!

  20. She makes me smile in a second 🙂
    Oh…the ONE song that makes me feel this way is definately closer to the edge by 30 seconds to mars! I simply love it!

  21. What great cards!! Love this Mae stamp (love them all, but this one has moved to the top!!)

  22. Lovely cards from everyone! I am way into music but my absolute fave is Mariah Carey! Whenever I hear her on the radio, well that is my jam!

  23. Totally groovy new Mae stamp and the cards are fabulous! My song right now is Chocolate by the 1975….it plays over and over in my head 🙂

  24. I adore this image, it’s super great for everything, not just cards! =D

    My two best songs (right now) are Friday I’m In Love by The Cure and Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley. They can cure the bluest of the blues. =)

  25. Awesome cards! I listen to the radio so I can’t hit repeat. If I could I would repeat Darius Rucker’s Wagon Wheel and Miranda Lambert’s It Ain’t My Mama’s Broken Heart.

  26. love this it jsut reminds me of my daughter! sitting in her room ignoring us all!!! :p

  27. Oh eM Geeeee!! I can’t wait to see the creations. I’m excited. I wanna see the opposite colors already…hehe.

    Okay, this music chick is AWESOME! I [heart] listening to music as I craft, so I definitely am adding her to my wish list.

    x0, D

  28. I love love LOVE music Mae! Adele has been on my playlist for a long time – Set Fire to the Rain especially. Such passion!

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