Sweet and Salty

Sweet and Salty

HOWDY, Odd friends!  What’s cookin’?  Whatcha snackin’ on?  🙂  Anything good?  Whatcha cravin’?  Something sweet?  Something salty?  Maybe BOTH?!  Leah the Orange checking in, and, well, we’ve got something for either palette today, and we know you’re going to be salivating when you check out Sweet and Salty!




So you’ve noticed the food theme going on this week, right?  (Please don’t eat that cute little wiener dog!)  Well hopefully the following eye candy from our Odd Girls will satisfy your appetite for CUTENESS!  Here we go!











Picture 2225 copy


Mary Pat


Leah Crowe

LeahCrowe_SomeOddGirl_SweetsCone LeahCrowe_SomeOddGirl_Sweets



Sprinkle With Love - Vera Yates

So what do think?  The foodstuffs are available NOW in the store – CLICK HERE for the new release! 

And if you leave a comment below telling me what your favorite CARNIVAL FOOD and CARNIVAL RIDE are, you might be one of the lucky winners of this week’s clear sets!  Yeah, the pretzel and ice cream cone make me think CARNIVAL, so that inspired my question.  🙂 

Leave a comment with your answer below, but HURRY!  You only have until tonight at MIDNIGHT EST to comment on this week’s release posts!  I’ll have some winners to announce tomorrow!

While you’re waiting, why not pop on over and play along with our September Sketch Challenge?!  Not only is there a TON of inspiration in the challenge post, but you could win some clear or digi stamps for your SOGgy stash!  🙂



  1. ADORABLE STAMP SET!! Thank you for the chance! 🙂 my favorite ride has always been the bumper cars!! Yummy foods growing up that I could not keep away from at the carnivals were Cotton Candy and Mini sugar doughnuts 🙂 YUM!

  2. SWEET!!!! (no pun intended!)

    My fave carnival food—-beaver tails!!! All the way—especially when they are fresh—mmmmm…! My fave carnival ride—yeesh! because I get motion sickness VERY easily..it has to be tame…very tame…like merry-go-rund tame..lol…Yeah, I know…not much fun at carnivals!

  3. Love these! My favourite ride has to be the merry-go-round – all those pretty horses! Fave snack? Easy, candy floss!

  4. OMG, these are just too adorable!!! Thanks for the chance to win the set – who wouldn’t love to have this in their stash?
    My favorite carnival ride was always the Himalaya. Growing up on the Jersey Shore it was a must to ride every summer. And we always had to get some yummy funnel cake before leaving to go home for the night!!

  5. That’s easy peasy…..Funnel Cake….followed by pretzels covered in cinnamon sugar….do you see a trend? LOL…
    Very cute release…

  6. Such adorable images! My favorite carnival food is funnel cake and my favorite ride is the swings. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. What a sweet stamp set and look at those lil happy faces. My SOG stamp wish list is getting longer. Hmmm carnival fun questions. I like funnel cake and fav ride roller coster

  8. Yummy… sweet and adorable. Pretzels and cotton candy. Ferris Wheel would be my favorite for slow and The Himalaya for fast.

  9. The new images are so sweet and fun! I would have to say my favorite carnival food was a deep fried twinkie I had years ago. I would also have to say that the octopus was my favorite ride.

  10. I love the new release! Funnel cake and the Merry-Go-Round are my favorite things at the carnival.

  11. Oh those are so adorable!! Despite that everyone in my family loves elephant ears, I’m the odd ball because my favorite carnival food is cotton candy. Yum! My favorite carnival ride is the Super Himalaya! As a kid I would bribe the operator to let me stay on it and I would ride it over and over! Love love love that ride!

  12. These stamps are delicious!
    My fave carnival food is elephant ears and shaved ice! Gotta have both!
    I have to be careful on the rides but I like the Ferris wheel!
    And I love to play Skee Ball! I am the Skee Ball queen!

  13. Wow! These are amazing! My fave carnival food is anything fried. I don’t do carnival rides because they make me sick.

  14. I love this set! So cute! My favorite carnival food is popcorn. I just love the popcorn from the carnival, in those bags they give you. Once I see them freshly popping it, I have to have it! And my favorite carnival ride is the mirror house. I don’t like going on rides that spin or go upside down. So I just go in the house type rides and the mirror one as always been a favorite of mine. Love the maze like feel of it:)

  15. Great stamp collection. I love all the card samples, so pretty. My fave carnival food is ice cream and popcorn. I can do all the walking with these food in hand.

  16. Fabulous stamp set!!! And my favorite carnival food are ice cream and cotton candy! Just love it!!! 😉

  17. I love me some kettle korn & Ferris wheels are my favorite ride!

  18. I LOVE this set! It’s so cute! Those cards are awesome! Great inspiration! My copic skills aren’t that great yet, but I’ll get there! I’d have to say my favorite carnival food would have to be…FUNNEL CAKE with raspberry topping! Mmmm! As far as the rides go, even though I’m terrified of them, I’d say the Ferris wheel! The birds eye view is often very beautiful, especially at night!

  19. This release is so fun!! I love the pretzel and ice cream! I could eat ice cream all day, every day! As far as the carnival food goes. I seriously do love those big soft pretzels, and any ride that doesn’t go around in circles and make me sick is a fav!

  20. mmm…getting hungry here … this is so fun!
    Everything looks so yummy!! Fab new set!!

  21. Love, love, love! So perfect, and I’m sure I can find some other things to cutify with a SOGgie face.

    My favorite carnival food is FUNNEL CAKE!!! Hands down winnah! For ride I’d have to say Tilt-A-Whirl.

  22. FUNNEL CAKE!!!! *Ahem* I mean…funnel cake is my favorite carnival food. And I like the big swinging boat thing as a ride. I have no idea what it’s called. I’m so in love with these! They are such cute creations! Tabbitha’s makes me giggle like crazy!

  23. I am embarrassed to say it’s the funnel cake with tons of strawberries and whipped cream. My favorite ride? If one’s at the fair, it’s a roller coaster. Otherwise, the old tilta-whirl always lures me in!

  24. Oh my GOSH! I love this set too! I think this is your BEST release EVER! My favorite carnival food is fried dough (can’t really find it anywhere else, though I LOVE LOVE LOVE sinnamon sugar pretzels but never see them at carnivals, LOL!) and my favorite carnival ride is the Merry-Go-ROund. I know it isn’t adventurous, but all those pretty horses painted in bright colors just make me smile (OOOH! You could make a carousel horse next!!) Thanks for so many chances to win your ADORABLE stamps!

  25. Funnel cake…yum! And the carosel– love the gorgeousness! 🙂

  26. I loooooove this set! I love funnel cake and the rides kind of freak me out, I like the carousel.

  27. Love them! Not a big fan of carnival rides, but do like those lemonade drinks.

  28. Great jobs, ladies!! That stamp set is amazeballs! Love me some cotton candy and hotdogs!!

  29. I love the new stamp set and the DTs awesome projects! As far as carnival rides and food, I have to say the carousel and cotton candy.

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