5 ways to re-invent your Digital Stamps

5 ways to re-invent your Digital Stamps

Hey Odd friends!  Leah here with a little inspiration post today that might help you S-T-R-E-T-C-H your stamps and get even MORE awesome value for your digi stamps!

We all love the instant gratification of ordering (or winning!) digis and I am a HUGE fan of all the awesome ideas that come out of Kristy‘s head.  SO many fun Some Odd Girl digis available, and of course I want them all! 

But once I’ve colored up my digis once or twice, I tend to get stuck in the same patterns – coloring the hair a certain way or visualizing my image on similar projects – so I often find myself uninspired and my pre-printed digis sit in a folder never to be colored again, and I move on to the next image.

Lately I’ve been trying to bust out my old images to give them a bit of a refresher, and there are LOTS of fun things to do with digis, so I thought I’d throw out a little reminder for all of us!

5 Ways to Reinvent Your Digi Stamp www.someoddgirl.com

1.  Resizing for coupling
Great for parent/baby themes or anything where a mini version of the same image would look horribly cute.  Check out my card featuring Goldee and Goldee Jr (currently unavailable, but you get the idea)!  You can also flip the image instead of resizing for a fun effect to have the characters looking at one another!

go with the flow

2.  Cropping for a totally different focus
This is a huge trend right now, and our Odd Girls love using this technique!  Whether you’re just using the head of an image or trimming around the edges, this creates a whole new look for your digi!  Take your regular digital image and just crop it using whatever editing program you like.  If you’re not too familiar with the programs, just print bigger so you can cut around it, like Alexis did on this cute card featuring the brand new Girlfriends Kaylee & Mae digi:

best friends alexis

3. Merging digis together (creating a scene)

The beautiful thing about the .PNG file is that the background is transparent and will show whatever is behind the image.  In this case, I used the Pretty Unicorn digi and Ballerina Gwen, resized until I was happy with the proportions, text wrapped them both, brought Gwen to the front and moved her into a happy little spot.

leah digi merge

4. Paper piecing

This is an easy one!  First print your digi on your regular white cardstock.  Then grab a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 patterned paper (or trim your 12×12 down) and print the digi at the same size on this sheet (I printed on dark paper, but you can slightly make out the lines). 

kaylee piecing

Color your image, cut the pieces you want layered, and adhere!  (I usually color first)

kaylee piecing2

5.  Repetition for backgrounds
You’re probably already doing this with clear stamps and maybe you didn’t consider using it for your digis too…  Stamping the same image over and over to make a pattern is an easy technique, and it honestly couldn’t be any easier with digis!  You can take a simple image like Love Balloon (unavailable), resize until it’s itty bitty and, if you want to forego the coloring, fill it in Paint BEFORE copying and pasting until you’ve created your background.  I colored mine for this particular project (it was strangely therapeutic).  This technique would work great for small-scaled and easy-to-color images like simple critters or cute kawaii digis (wouldn’t our Waffle digi be adorable as a background for a summery card or scrapbook page?!):


And that’s 5! 

What other things do you do with digital stamps?  Share your tips and tricks, and hey, if you have a tutorial, we’d love to see that, too!

Drop by our Facebook Community to see what all the Oddies are talking about this week, who’s getting ready for Valentine’s Day, and what other ideas our clever friends have up their sleeves!  Have a great weekend, and STAY ODD!



  1. oh …this is awesome!!
    Must try one of these! 🙂

    Happy Friday everyone!!

  2. Here is a great tutorial on using digis to make your own patterned background using a photo editing program https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHU9708o4mQ. Way easier than copying and pasting.

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